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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A dog-gone sad goodbye...

I knew it was going to happen, but somehow I kept my mind off it until a few days ago when I remembered with a grieved but resolute heart that we needed to do this...

Today we said good-bye to our beloved dogs.  NO, we didn't put them down! (of course not!!)

But we did decide earlier on that our house was just not big enough to accommodate the 3 of us + the 4 babies + our 2 furry friends (especially with the uncertainties that come with premature lung development, pet dander, & possible allergies).  When Andy & I tentatively put it out there months ago, and a good friend of mine and her husband jumped at the chance to be the ones to adopt our sweet pooches.  Sydney and Joe will give them such a loving home, and probably more attention and love than we have in the past few years!  I have known Sydney for about 10 years and they will make awesome adoptive parents to our dogs. 

Andy & I with Oxford & Scout

Scout (our Boxer) and Oxford (our Chocolate Lab) are both great dogs with lots of years left.  Scout is 8 1/2 years old and we got her after 2 months of marriage, so technically she is my "first" baby!  She is a wiggly happy Boxer, and although has had health issues in the past (spinal meningitis... don't ask how much $ we spent on her...), she is healthy now and is such a good-spirited companion.  I know she will LOVE her new home, as long as she gets to lick Sydney and Joe often whether they like it or not!

Andy found Oxford on the streets while at work  7 years ago.  He was a poor, pathetically stinky and skinny dog with a tail that wagged with any attention and eyes that looked old and wise.  Andy trusted his gut and took him home: I was a little more skeptical and did not trust this stinky, skinny dog but he quickly proved to be the most faithful, loving, and gentle dog.  He has a grateful spirit and has always been so well-behaved and kind to not only us but Jenna as well.
Oxford cuddling with Jenna when she was 2 months old!

Oxford's issue is anxiety, which at first made us wonder if he would fare well being adopted.  However, I think he will do wonderfully as long as he has his Best Friend Scout there and people that love on him.  I know Sydney and Joe will heap love and reassurance on him liberally, and when in doubt, he also has Puppy Prozac! ;-)

Jenna with her friends
We had prayed & discussed this a lot, and know this is the best decision for our family.  We are so grateful that a loving couple desired to adopt our wonderful dogs, who are best friends and could never be separated!  While Jenna and Andy have (relatively easily- the nerve!) been able to say good-bye, I have cried buckets over it this past week (yah, four times the hormones!!).  However, even in my tears, I know this is the best thing for all of us.

We will miss you, Scout and Oxford... but are so happy you have amazing new adoptive parents and a new loving home.


  1. Awe, being the animal lover I am and the animal lover I know you are too, my heart goes out to you! Makes me think of the blueberry muffins, ha (inside joke) You are doing the right thing and you are so blessed to have found them a loving home! Hugs*

    1. I was just thinking about our blueberry muffins the other day! Lol! It seems so
      Lonely here tonight :-(

  2. aww you almost made me cry!! Aja was our first baby too couldn't imagine being without her!! Praying for you tonight at least you know you can visit!!