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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Break (Staycation style)

We had been having a mild Spring... until Spring Break!  The week was filled with wind, rain, cold weather, and this:


No worries.  
A week off is what we had, so the kids and I kept busy trying to have some fun with inexpensive outings.  

Thanks to 5 free Open Gym passes and a grandma willing to be an extra set of eyes and hands, the kids had fun at GRG Gymnastics that first morning.
We need to invest in an indoor foam pit! 

The weekend was filled with normal things, play, family time, cleaning, church.
I took the kids to the library for story time and play.  They love picking out library books so it was a great time! (even though I forgot to take photos).

Jenna is ducking behind me, because apparently she doesn't like van selfies
Another home day, but I did take all the kids with me to the doctor that afternoon to look at my nose.  Tyler is a fun boy but dang his head is hard (both literally and figuratively).  Two weeks ago he head-butted me during some fun cuddle tickle time play (we were having so much fun!).  While my nose didn't bleed or bruise, it hurt a lot.  Even now, 3 weeks later, it is tender.  I heard a crack when it happened and had head aches for many days after it, but life is too busy to be concerned with things like broken noses or concussions...
I wanted to go to the doctor last week because of a bump I felt that seemed new.  Why the wait?  Well, I didn't dare touch my nose until last Monday, and that was when I noticed the bony bump where it hurt. I was concerned that perhaps it was a bony fragment that would stick out more as time went on.  The doctor wouldn't issue an X-ray until she personally saw it, so to the doctor's office I took my 5.  They actually did amazing!
Jenna, Hannah, Tyler, Lauren & Tanner
In the end, no x-ray was needed because frankly it wouldn't change anything.  They said the bony piece I felt shouldn't be concerning and shouldn't get worse, that I had a partially separated septum but it was an old injury and not recent, and there was no arterial damage.
My sweet boy has been very concerned about this.  Every day he asks me how my nose is feeling, and you can tell he feels awful about it.  I smile and reassure him it's better.  Some day we will get chuckles over this ("Remember that time when you broke mama's nose, Tyler?"), but for now all is fine.  Motherhood has all kinds of joys I never could have imagined!!!

Grandma came with us and we met friends at the Children's Museum.  It was very busy and very fun!

My childhood friend, Shawna, had her oldest daughter Sammi's 4th birthday party at Playworld!
Top picture is Shawna and I at my 4th birthday (circa 1982).
Bottom is Shawna and I at her oldest daughter's 4th birthday!
(we haven't aged a bit, right???)
The kids had a BLAST.  I think this was the highlight of their week for them, because they keep asking if we can celebrate Sammi's birthday again!!!

I took the crew to a local greenhouse where they had lots of activities for kids, including planting their own watermelon seeds, petting animals, tasting and smelling fresh herbs and veggies, and riding a bumblebee go cart at the end.  I am so glad the quads are finally at the age where I can realistically take all 5 on outings like this without it going terribly wrong!!!

Friday afternoon, our neighbors invited Jenna to go to a rollerskating party and she was so happy to get out and be active.  

Another day at home.

Banana Zucchini Mini Muffins-- yum!
After church, we went to see the butterflies at Fredrick Meijer Gardens for the afternoon with grandpa and grandma.  It is always so much fun to see the butterflies and bask in the warm, humid air!

We ended Sunday with pizza at Mimi & Grandpa Ted's place.

Engrossed in the golf game on TV

Monday was back to work for me, and Tuesday everyone is back to school.  Hopefully this weather will improve enough for us to put up the trampoline soon (which WAS the plan over break, but doing it in rainy/snowy 30 degree weather didn't sound fun to any of us).

If you had a Spring Break, hopefully you were able to enjoy some good weather or at least good company!  If you did not have a Spring Break, just remember- perhaps you didn't get a break, but at least you probably didn't get a nose break- haha!   :-)