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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

18/19 week ultrasound findings!

Hello all!

Yesterday we had another ultrasound, and it was a "long one".  What that meant was the amazing nurse took measurements of each baby's "everything" to see if all looked normal... brain, face, abdomen, spine, heartbeat, heart chambers, limbs, and yes... genitals!
What we found out was that every one of the four precious babies I am carrying is indeed looking and measuring perfect and healthy.  Praises to God!!  And we are proud to announce we are having:

 2 girls, 2 boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy and I thought that was the case, and we couldn't be more happy.  We do have names picked, out, and we will tell you the names just as soon as they are born :-)!

Truly, we are so grateful to God and we find ourselves in a slurry of emotions still:  excited, scared, dizzy with anticipation, freaking out, hoping for health, fearing for the unknowns, overwhelmed and numb, elated and anxious... you know, all the normal things you would feel, too, if expecting quadruplets!  We are finding we really need to pray together daily and take it day by day and trust that He has a plan for us.  What an adventure God has planned for us!

This past weekend I have been blessed again SO MUCH!  First of all, I need to say WE HAVE THE BEST FAMILY AND FRIENDS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!  The way everyone is stepping in and offering help and meals and support and prayers is truly humbling and words can't even express my gratitude.  Friends stop by with meals "just because".  Strangers are coming up to me telling me they are reading this blog and praying for us.  Thank you.... Thank you so much!  This weekend my aunt from Chicago came to visit and she and my mom had one mission: to help us out as much as they could.  Well, help they did IMMENSELY!  In 3 days, Aunt Nancy and my mom totally set up the baby room, turned our massive heap of baby items covering our family room into a real room again, put clothes away, organized baby items, cleaned closets, helped set up organization systems, helped clean the house, and also made and froze 6 meals!!!  WOWZA!  That was so helpful! 

Again, we are blessed beyond measure.  Many of you have been asking how to help.  Well, you are helping so much already by your prayers and supports!  Having said that, I do intend to set up a care calendar in the next few weeks and will have a link to it on this blog.  It will be primarily for this summer when I am on "official bed-rest".  The needs will be for meals here and there and house cleaning here and there if indeed you feel gifted or actually want to cook or clean our house! (no pressure if you're not gifted in these areas.... many needs will arise soon enough when babies arrive!).
Again, because I have amazing family support, we already have care for our daughter set up all summer long when Andy is working and we will keep you posted on our changing status and growing needs.  OK, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude right now... tears are coming to my eyes....

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.  God truly provides Abundantly.  Thank you.




  1. I am so excited for yall!!! Glad the quads got a good report, that's so awesome. Girl you sound like you are on top of it, way to go! It will give you so much peace to have things marked off your list once you get on bed rest so way to go. Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome Becky! What wonderful news!

  3. So so happy!!!!! Two boys and two girls just perfect!!! And they are doing great which is amazing!! I will help with whatever!! And I know you have Jenna covered but I would love to hang out and let her and Bella play more they would have a great time so please let me know if I could steal her or come over for a couple hours and let them play!! See you next week at tumbling can't believe how fast this is going atleast for me it is:)