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Friday, September 18, 2015

Falling into Routines

As much as I love Summer, I really enjoy Fall for its 
crisp weather, pumpkins, and most of all,  return of routines!  All of us are keeping busy.

First of all, 
Jenna started 2nd grade this year!

She also is in our local LASSO soccer team sport this fall, so we go to practice twice a week and have games every Saturday.  It makes weekdays more busy, but Jenna really enjoys playing soccer & she is good at it!  Her whole team is fun to watch and the siblings love going to cheer on Sissy at games.

Andy is keeping busy with his business, Oak Meadow Tree Service.  He took a nearby tree down a few weeks ago and the kids loved watching daddy work.

I fully expect Andy to put a harness on Tyler next year as his young apprentice.
And I fully expect Tyler will LOVE IT!

I have had a change in my routine too!  I added another day of work, so now I work 2.5 days a week but in a different department:  My former department!  I still service the students of Grand Rapids, but have returned to my old position as an Itinerant Occupational Therapist (that means I travel building to building).  
My population is preschool and school aged children.  I really have enjoyed working with high school students & young adults with physical disabilities these last 2 years, and the staff & students have been wonderful to work with.  However, the extra day of work will be helpful and I love working with the younger population- not to mention my old group of colleagues!  

The biggest change I have saved for last: 
We now have 4 preschoolers in the house!  

I was not initially planning on enrolling the kids into preschool until they were 4, but early Spring I was encouraged to sign up and see if we would qualify for scholarships.  Which we did, x4!
The 3's preschool they will attend this year is 2 days a week, 2 hours each.
The program is a co-op, so the only downside is you need to volunteer-- (which I love to do)-- 7 times.  Per student.  

So I will become a frequent fixture in their classroom with my 28 volunteer opportunities, but no worries.  Like I said, I love this population and I do not have to be the teacher, just her assistant! :-)

 I did a dry run last week practicing getting the kids up, fed, dressed, out the door; taking Jenna to her school by 8:40 and then the preschool building by 9 am.  We did such a fantastic job I decided to let them play at McDonalds the next hour while I sipped coffee and munched on a muffin.  Because this mama was pooped.  These will be busy mornings, but hopefully I can stay on time most days!

First Day of Preschool!  
Hannah (having a diva moment), Lauren (excited to go in), Tyler (folding his hands in an I-do-it-not-gonna-hold-hands moment) & Tanner (running away over & over & over...)
What routines are you falling into this Fall?