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Friday, November 7, 2014

Crib reduction, house addition!

It has been a whirlwind of a season, in all meanings!  I blink and it feels like another week has gone by.  I'm not the only one, right?  Well, we have been entertained & excited to see our house grow with every week.  Here is a recap of the last few weeks in terms of our addition:
Fist the bottom layers... then the frame...
And as of today, windows, roof, sliders, & WOOD FLOORS in the kitchen!  I am still giddy every time I walk into the kitchen and don't get my pants or toes snagged on sub-floor or partial-floor.

Ta-Da!  Hello wood floors, I have been waiting for you :)
This Fall we have been enjoying playing outside since there is little room to play inside, good thing we have a lot of play space outside.  I never thought I would say this being a former city girl, but I love living in the country!

L-R: Tanner, Jenna, Lauren, Hannah & Tyler waaaaay back in the woods where he is not allowed!
Jenna & kids were having loads of fun throwing the leaves up in the air.  My outdoor girl!
Tyler, again, on something that he is not allowed on.  Take a guess which kiddo likes to break the rules!!!
For Halloween Jenna was Dorothy & had fun trick or treating with her cousins.  The little kids & I stayed warm and ate handed out candy at Aunt Wendy & Todd's house.
At her school parade.  It was yucky outside, so an indoor parade had to do!

Tanner, Hannah, Tyler & Lauren
 Candy was the only thing keeping this crew sitting for a millisecond so I could take a picture!
I finally resigned last week and decided it was well over-time to take apart the cribs.  They were more like a jungle gym the last few months, and while they served to help improve everyone's motor skills, it was time to let it go and be done with the season of the crib.
Unfortunately, the new bedroom will not be ready for a few more weeks so I am trying to figure out a good temporary option for four toddlers.  It has been a sleepless last week, let me tell you.  I am still working out all the kinks, but I probably will get it right just in time to split them up 2/2 and then I am sure will have another round of problem solving regarding getting the crew to sleep.
Pre-crib removal
Post-crib removal.  Kids were a little confused and honestly, it still is a difficult transition.

Our current hodge-podge sleep options:
twin & crib mattresses on floors, a toddler bed, and one jungle gym crib
"Mom, you are so funny when you tell us to go to bed.  No.  No thank you."
Sigh... lots of problem solving.... please pray for me that I am in a state of gratitude instead of complaint during this season, because I can feel myself easily slipping there and the last thing I want is to be ungrateful for these 5 amazing children, this family, and the opportunity for an addition.

And with that, I hope everyone reading this & myself can slow down a little this month to reflect on what we are grateful & thankful for.   There is truly so much.

Blessings to you & hugs!