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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Half Way There! (a.k.a. 17 weeks!)

Today we had another ultrasound and unfortunately, we still couldn't see Baby B's gender and even confirm that Baby A is indeed a girl... but all look good and healthy.  We saw the identical twins are very much boys!  The doc says all looks good and everything is measuring normal.  He also congratulated us on being "half way there" today... do you see my belly in the picture??  Oh my.  I am going to be huge!  (goes with the territory, I suppose!!)

I have started to feel the babies bumping around very regularly in my belly, and it's fun to be able to distinguish who it is!  As I type Baby B was having a stretchy stretch.  I adore it!!  Jenna is also warming up to the idea of having 4 babies.  She seems to proudly declare it to anyone these days!  She is also being VERY motherly lately to her baby dolls:  this was taken yesterday.  It is her "Baby Boy", despite the rather pink blanket.
It's her favorite blanket, so that tells you how she adores taking care of her babies!!

Andy is busy working hard and being such a trooper with all the projects we have to do before babies come, on top of working and his tree cutting business.  Busy guy!  He and I are so excited for what's to come, though.  We thank God every day and pray for healthy babies.  Hopefully I can make it to 34 weeks, realistically to 32 weeks, and doc is hoping for 31 weeks... we'll see!  Pray for 34 weeks!!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hola, Amigo!

me at 16 weeks (a.k.a 4 months + 4 babies)
Nothing really new to write, we have another ultrasound next week and are doing good.  I am slowing down a little bit more each day, but still am able to do my everyday things, they just take me longer and I need to pace myself.  I am learning the art of Energy Conservation and Listening to my Body.

Which brings me to the title today.  For many weeks now, it has been more and more of a challenge to grocery shop, but I just can't give up the control of that one yet!!  Not that my husband or sister haven't offered on countless occasions.  Here's the problem: I wish I was a little more "Type A" and could write a detailed list including things like:  "Colgate toothpaste gel with fresh breath strips & whitening" or "bag of carrots with the skinny tiny ones, not the chubbier ones" or I wish I could be a genius at clipping coupons and know what brands be the best bargain, but alas I am not.  I must admit, I am also not the best at making lists.  I do use a list, but inevitably, when parousing the aisles, I see things that I need or forgot to write on the list, or things that remind me of a meal I want to make or that are just too good of deals to let pass by!
To compound the matter, I am terrible at following recipes and have always bought an assortment of items to cook and create meals with, but this style is out the door right now for a few reasons:  First, my cooking abilities significantly diminish when I am pregnant.  Something about multi-tasking with preggo brain.  Ask my hubby, he'll vouch for this one.  Second, I have less and less energy & desire to cook meals.  Third, I still get weird cravings and although I like almost all foods to eat, cooking them can sound downright gag-inducing at times.
Since this is a short-term problem, I am not too motivated to get more Type A or clip coupons or suddenly go crazy with the meal planning, but what I am left with is a terrible need to still be in control of the groceries I buy.  So, this last week, I did it.  I went into Meijer and asked to use the Amigo cart.  I felt a little stupid-- I mean, I am not that big yet and I look healthy--
But. I.  LOVED.  IT!!!
Well, not all of it.  I dared not look up at anyone for fear I would see someone I recognized, especially someone who is an acquaintance who doesn't know my story.  Even as I type this, I realize how entirely vain and pathetic and ridiculous I sound.  But that's how I felt. 
What I did love, was how I zipped down those aisles and was SOOOO much more efficient grocery shopping than I have been in over 2 months!  Rarely did I even need to even climb up and get taller items, because I must say Meijer does a good job keeping most things at eye level. The basket does not hold as much, but with the minimal effort needed, I think I could just go more often! I think I can keep this up at least a time or two more before I need to (sob) let others do my shopping for me.  Hmmm... does Target and Costco have the Amigos?  Maybe I should call.....
To my sister and husband, I will give up the shopping-- I will.  Sometime.
But until that day, Hola Amigo!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

15 Week Ultrasound (GOOD) News!

First, let me show you a very tanned and rested picture of me last week in Florida!  Ahhhhhhh.... Mid-80's every day, warm breeze, Tampa waters, pool, lots of relaxation and family time.... Good For The Body And Soul!!!

Of course, the travel days were TERRIBLE on my back and body, but way worth it!  :-)
Jenna, Andy and I had a great time with his parents and it probably will be the last trip we take in a long time, so it was fun for us to love on our Jenna, relax, and enjoy the time in the sun.  We went to Busch Gardens one day, the beach another day, and then we just did a lot of pool and sun time at the hotel.  VERY relaxing!
mommy & her girl

Our great, growing family!
And now onto the ultrasound!
Today Andy and I went to the doctor for our scheduled 15 week appointment.  All babies are still measuring wonderful, definitely on track with where they should be with normal gestation, and all very close in size so far (about the size of a large apple or "small pan fish" per doc!).  All heartbeats are good, and everything else looks great (cervix, amniotic sacs, etc).  I have had no more bleeding since my scare, and he said that (hopefully) that should not occur again (bleeding seems to be most common between weeks 11-13).

But the best part of all was that we found out 3 out of the 4 sexes!!!!!!!!!!!
Our identical twins are officially two very obvious BOYS (Baby "C" and "D" for those of you out there keeping track).  Our Baby "A" looks like a girl and it is pretty apparent, but it will be confirmed at the next ultrasound in 2 weeks.  Baby "B" is an elusive little thing and did not want to give his/her identity just yet.  That's ok... Andy just about did a flip when he found out our identical twins are boys!  He REALLY wanted at least one boy, and his dad is an identical twin so I know it means a lot to his family to have this happen again!  I am glad too, but really more relieved all look healthy and we have a mix of sexes!

Watching the ultrasound I was once amazed at how God knits babies together!  I mean, they all looked just like regular babies... only smaller!  Fingers, toes, nose, bodies, all looked so amazingly perfectly formed.  I don't think I will ever get over the awe of how amazingly detailed He is and how beautiful he intended Creation to be!!

Thank You Jesus, for these beautiful, healthy children!
We are definitely aware that we need to be realistic, not optimistic (or pessimistic) about what is to come.  The doctor talked to us about this again.  I have been in contact with other multiples' moms and know of babies that did not make it to their birth, babies that have had major complications at birth, and babies that have been healthy little things from the get-go, despite having to spend the first month or two in the NICU (which will be a must for our babies due to their premature birth).  It's in God's hands, and that trust thing is definitely still an area I need to give to Him regularly.  Each day, though, we get more and more excited.  What an awesome, privileged adventure He has us on!!!

As for how I am doing, I am slowing down more and more each day and just need to really pace myself and not push my body.  What this translates to is when I go up or down the steps, I need to catch my breath and maybe lay down.  I need to manage simple household tasks like making meals... doing dishes.... getting showered or dressed... cleaning my kitchen counters... doing laundry... with LOTS and LOTS of breaks and times to rest.  At rest my heart beats like a drum, and with any activity you would think I just did four sets of "suicides".  It's a little frustrating still, but I am doing better accepting it is what it is right now.  I started getting pretty bad sciatica and lower back pain about 2 weeks ago, which I hope will not get much worse.  Going to the chiro helps, but MAN when I over-do it (i.e. dare to take on a few tasks for the day), my lower back, tailbone, left leg and hip certainly have no problems telling me so.  Even so, I am blessed.  So blessed.

Last week at church our pastor talked about how when we have total control of our lives, it might be what we want but it does not necessarily open our lives to the adventure God may have for us.  Totally out of control as it is, Andy and I agreed we are on an adventure set by God and how cool and privileged we feel to be on an adventure set by him, but at the same time it is freaky and scary and we feel utterly and totally out of control.  Just where God wants us.  Blessed we are.