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Friday, May 18, 2012

20 weeks along... feeling great!

Good friends of ours came over tonight and brought a yummy dinner, and my girlfriend exclaimed, "Won't you please do another post, Becky?"  so here you  are, chica!  I don't feel like I have too much to report... which is good news!  I am definitely getting bigger :

I really believe everyone's prayers are at work, because I am feeling overall GREAT for what I would have expected at 20 weeks with quads!  I always have more stamina in the morning, especially if I get a lot of sleep (like 9 hours or so... way more than I needed before!!).  My attitude is overall positive and I am happily anticipating the craziness but really enjoying this lull.  I also think the babies have staked their claims in my belly and are situated (for right now) in a more comfortable way.  I feel them wiggling around often, but I must say my girls are much more active than my boys... we'll see if that is telling for how they will be!!  When the doctor first told me to expect to go on bed rest at 20-22 weeks, I did not know what to expect... so I feel pleasantly good and especially blessed!

Don't get me wrong...I can't do much... walking is slow, stairs are a cardiovascular workout for me, and too much activity does produce some small contractions.  I just try to lay down often and thankfully I have had even more help from family lately.  They help with Jenna and other tasks, which definitely helps me conserve energy.  I also have had the pleasure of connecting with several friends over the past couple weeks.  What a breath of fresh air it is to be with friends!  They are gracious and bring food to eat, offer encouragement, laugh and chat with me, if they have kids Jenna plays with them... Seeing girlfriends and connecting with them on life, not quads, helps me feel like a real person!  

With the family on Mother's Day
I also can still do small errands, like shopping (with an Amigo, of course!) and other small things.  My car is my best source of independence right now for as long as my body can manage it.  Today I drove through 2 neighborhoods looking for specific items, and only got out of my car 3 times.  I lazily meandered through the neighborhoods, glad I could do that versus waddle my way from sale to sale!

Another thing that I know has helped my spirits is the study my women's group is doing!  We have done a few good studies together, but it has been over a year since I have done a study from my personal favorite author.  For those of you who don't know who Beth Moore is, just know she is the "real deal" in terms of women's bible studies!  if you are considering a study to do, consider doing any one of hers!  And if you already know and LOVE her studies too, feel free to shout an "AMEN" right now!  We are in week 2 of the study Esther:

This is my second time doing Esther and I am still getting so much out of it!  The best thing about these bible studies, for me, is that they are always personally challenging to work on... ME!  You know times when you hear bits of advice and you think, "Oh, so and so needs to hear this?"  What I always love about Beth's studies (& I have done probably a dozen or so of hers), is that every one I have done the focus is not on what other people might get out of it, but what God is trying to mold in me through the study.  Even when I do the same study again years later, I always get so much out of it depending on where life has taken me and the current struggles I face.  
God never ceases to amaze me at how much He wants to teach me!  He helps bring awareness to me areas I might want to tweak in my heart, mind, spirit, or soul, so I can grow more fully into the person He created me to be.  It's a never-ending molding process, but very needed.  I love being in a women's study.  I love the group dynamics and accountability.  I love opening the Word of God with other women.  I love the honesty & laughter.  Sometimes it is challenging, but anything worthwhile usually is.  
 Not that I am anywhere near where I need to be, but I love that God is always pleased to show me areas that I can improve on in my life.  The other day I was grouchy and Jenna said, with all seriousness, "Mommy, I think you need to go read the bible."  Love it!  And it's true.  For me, I need reminders every day that there's more to life than me.  That on my own, I am full of pride, self-righteousness, greed, pettiness, selfishness, and the like.  I really don't produce that much love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and certainly self-control on my own.  And that's why, for me, I need to ask Him for it daily!  

Sorry to anyone not interested in that... but it's become such a passion to me!  And, my husband can probably vouch, bible studies make me a better wife and mommy!  And even so, even when I try to get in daily quiet time , prayer or study, and as much as I might sound like I have it together, PLEASE let me assure you I DON'T.  I can still be so grouchy, petty, selfish, irritable and irrational... sometimes as soon as I shut that bible!   Sigh.  As long as I am sucking air on earth, perfect I will not be!! LOL!!!

Next week Thursday we have another doctor's appointment, but it will not be as long, and they will be just measuring cervix, heartbeats, and fluids.  Pray all continues to be well for the babies and our family! 
Thank you again for all your support, well wishes, and prayers.   I really appreciate it!!!



  1. so love that you encourage all of us through your blog!! We will get together soon!!!

  2. Amen sister. I miss studying God's word with you but glad that you can be a blessing to others. Continued prayers and let me know if you need anything. Val

  3. You are looking awesome Becky! Meant to tell you, so excited you are having 2 boys and 2 girls. Perfect! Can't wait to hear the names. Great post!!!

  4. Becky, this is Erik, I creep around on Julies fb and read your blogs, I am so happy for you and Andy. please say hello to your family and we will anxiously await your next posts. Love Erik, Julie and kids

  5. Thanks for the tip about these bible studies. We are looking for one to do. I will suggest this author. Glad things are going well. I am looking forward to lending a helping hand at least once this summer so I can see ya!

  6. I am glad you are feeling well! I also appreciate the tip about the Bible Study. I was at Baker Book House looking for a Women's study just this morning! Keep up the great baby growing.