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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Enter the Third Trimester!

Becky's quad belly at 28 weeks!

When I went out to take the picture tonight, there were a few deer grazing in our backyard.  I LOVE living out in such a peaceful, country setting!  

Yeah!!!  Today I am 28 weeks and am so glad I have made it to the second mile marker!  I feel great and honestly feel that I could go on another month or so, but today we had another doctor appointment that left us with some news that is not all great.

Today we had an ultrasound doppler monitor which check's the babies blood flow from placenta to each baby.  It is more useful than just getting the heart rate, which we also got, along with each amniotic fluid level.  Good news is that all babies have great fluid levels, and the doppler feedback for our babies Lauren (A), Hannah (B) and Tanner (D) were good.

However, for our boy Tyler (C), who is also our little peanut, the doppler showed reduced blood flow patterns and also a couple intermittent reversed flow patterns.  He drew us a picture that really helped us visualize it, but very very basically you want these consistent peak.  Tyler has peaks with small spaces in between (reduced blood flow), and a few intermittent upside down peaks (reversed flow patterns).  They were not consistent and so although they are "abnormal", they do not mean we need to get a c-section tomorrow.  We will go back Monday (in 4 days) and get another doppler to see how it looks. 

What does this mean?  Well, our doctor (who is awesome) first said it usually will go one way or the other, that this trend does not typically continue.  If it becomes more irregular, we may be having to do a c-section next week.  If the down peaks disappear, we will just continue to doppler check the babies more regularly and pray they can go as long as they can in my belly.

What can we do?  Pray!  Specifically for Tyler's blood flow to normalize and show no more doppler abnormalities.  And also pray that all babies continue to pack on the pounds and develop well.  Although I am at 28 weeks, developmentally I really would prefer to deliver closer to 32 weeks (that is, if they stay healthy in there!)

I am not freaking out, but I am concerned tonight.  I am trying not to panic and I have been getting lots of support not only from my friends & family, but also from my quad mom's group.  I simply LOVE all the quad mommas out there and would be going batty right now without their encouragement, tips & support!  This is such a wacky thing to go through, and sometimes it just really helps knowing other people out there are going through or went through exactly the same thing!

Thank you so much for all your support, thoughts and prayers!  Hoping my next post on Monday is a good one! 




  1. Praying for you, especially Tyler. He is so similar to our little peanut.

  2. Scott and I will definitely be praying! We are rooting for your little guy.

  3. praying for you and your whole little family!!! Hugs!!!

  4. Thanks for telling us specifically what to pray for. My family and I have been thinking of you and praying for you. I told my girls your story and Maggie, my oldest, went on the mission trip with Wendy, Julia, and Anna recently. Love seeing the great pics you post.

    Beth Obermeyer

  5. Hi,
    I got your blog address from a friend of mine (Jodi Boluyt) and then I noticed another friend of mine (Cindy Johnston) updated about you on Facebook.
    Very reminiscent of our situation. We had quads at 28 weeks, made the decision to give everyone the best chance at survival...because one of our girls had reverse blood flow. I am praying for you guys.....I will contact Cindy to see what you need as well. :)
    Congrats. I hear the babies are doing well!

  6. You looked amazing at 28 weeks!!!!