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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Random Play Pictures

Hello!  So, I am going through drafts that never got published.
I found these random play pictures of the kiddos from 2016.  
These are the moments that just slide by, but strung together & looked at years later, they tell a sweet story of kids being kids and a mama trying to capture it.

Rub a dub dub, sometimes we can get 5 in a tub!

McDonalds Lunch date :-)

Visiting Grandpa Ted.  I love his smile.

Craft Time!

Outdoor Play & Critters

Snuggle & Home Play 

I love them.


Fall & Four Year Stats

Happy Fall, Y'all!

The start of the school year was a bumpy one.  One week into school, our family of 7 was introduced to Lice.  It was a terrible few days and paranoid few weeks that followed.  On the heels of that, Tanner got Hand Foot Mouth (a really nasty, contagious virus) and the other 3 preschoolers rapidly got sick after that.
In an attempt to spin this in a positive way, I have now earned my Lice Expert and HFM Expert badge.  Yessssssssss.
Jenna's First Day of School!
Tyler, Lauren, Hannah & Tanner's first day of 4's preschool!

Lice: Worst. Thing. Ever.
A VERY pricy & emotionally taxing event to recover from!!!

Hand Foot Mouth.  Times Four.
Lauren & Hannah showing off what they are learning in school
Fun Fact: about a month after HFM, many times fingernails & toenails fall off.

Jenna cut her hair and donated it to Wigs for Kids- her reward, beyond personal satisfaction of donating 10"???  Getting her ears pierced!

Jenna, age 8, is doing well in 3rd grade (Height: 52", Weight:  60#).  Her teacher, Mrs. W, is amazing, and she is flourishing in school!  Jenna loves playing soccer, is a helper of a big sister, and has a great imagination.  When Jenna comes home from school, it is not unusual for her to eat a quick snack and then play outdoors (in shorts, flip flops, and tank top at 50 degrees), happy as a clam.  She is so smart.  She is so insightful and helpful.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing daughter as my first, and I love her more than she will ever realize.

Tyler:  Tyler is a small little spitfire. (Height 38", 8%; Weight 32#, 12%). He is very smart, very articulate, and has a wee bit of a temper.  He loves climbing things and playing with trains, dinosaurs, puzzles, blocks, trucks & dirt.  He will sit for over an hour putting100 piece puzzles together and does not want help.  He is intense in all he does.  He plays intensely, he loves intensely, he fights intensely, and learns intensely.  He pushes my buttons but softens my heart like no other.  I love him so much.

Hannah:  Hannah is the teacher's pet of the crew.  (Height 39", 28%;
Weight 35#, 50%).  She is the best tattler ever and when the kids are getting into something they shouldn't, she is the first to announce loudly, over and over, that SHE was not a part of it.  She is sweet and her smile stops you in your tracks.  She loves playing with figurines and creating all kinds of imaginary interactions between them.  She also loves playing with her sisters.  She has a very strong willed, stubborn streak to her that does not come out often but when it does, it's because you dared mess with her agenda.  She acts like the oldest of the 4, even though she technically is the youngest.  She brightens my day and loves to chat with anyone.  I love her.

Tanner:  Tanner is a gentle, sweet little man. (Height 41", 48%; Weight 33#, 19%).  He can be shy and timid at first but once he warms up is loud and has this belly chuckle that is music to the ears.  He loves playing outside and riding his bike or playing with rocks, dirt, trucks, dinosaurs & trains.  He also loves puzzles and will sit for over an hour putting puzzle after puzzle together. When anyone in the house, but especially Tanner, finishes that last puzzle piece, a cheery "YEAH!" is heard throughout the house.  Despite his weight, Tanner eats a ton, definitely more than Hannah.  He is my snuggle buddy and has a sensitive spirit, which might be why I have this special sense of protection in my heart for him.  He is truly my buddy and I love him.

Lauren:  Lauren is coming into her own. (Height 41", 66%; Weight 36#, 74%). Her giggle is infectious and she has a special sense of humor, just like her daddy.  She is independent and likes playing with her siblings but also can entertain herself on her own.  She loves her big sister and looks up to her.  Lauren is a great, adventurous eater and curious about life.  She is pretty easygoing, but can also throw down some epic tantrums here and there which are more amusing than frustrating.  Her blonde hair and bright eyes resemble younger pictures of Andy more than anyone else in the family, so he is happy at least one looks like him, haha!  Lauren is such a sweet, insightful little lady and I love her so much.

Our Super-Kids!

Trick or treat! 
That's it for now- have a great Fall!