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Saturday, January 30, 2016


Happy New Year!  After a mild start to the season, Michigan decided to act like it's January.  And these kids love the snow!

Jenna looks like she is leading a small group!
Lanie, our neighbor, and Jenna snowboarding

Of course, with the season we also had our first round of colds in the house.  Honestly, I can't believe we stayed healthy for as long as we did.  The first few years it felt like we bounced from sickness to sickness.  While this cold was no fun for any of us, it wasn't terrible (well, it looks like it may have been for Lauren).  Still, we are so thankful that we are finally done with the homebound, constant sickness, RSV-worried Winters!  (((((Ah, our little crew is growing up!!!!!)))))
A sick and miserable Lauren
There is really no new news.  Kids are busy.  Life is full.  Everyone is growing leaps and bounds!
Hannah & Tanner doing puzzles
Burrito Boys!

Hannah has a style of her own.
My good friend Shawna has 4 little ones.  When we have play dates, the mayhem can be downright laughable.
Imagine 2 adults with 9 kids; and 8 of those kids are 3 & under.  Yes, you read that right.  Her twin boys are 1.5 years younger than the quads, but they are so big & have caught up in size to Tanner & Tyler!!!  

Making protein balls! 

This is a miracle.  The boys will sit and read books during the entire rest time!!! (they never nap anymore)
6 months ago, they were ripping up all the books (and walls, and trim in room, and carpet...)
Little Boy Maturity is a beautiful thing.

Grandma & Grandpa got us a year-long family Membership to the Children's Museum at Christmas.  Since Andy works often and many times on the weekend, my mom gladly decided to be the second adult on the membership.  We went there this month and had a blast!

Then kids had so much fun, and they are the perfect age to explore and have fun.  Plus, it is easier to keep track of them now versus the darting toddlers they were the last 2 years!
 (Side note: I don't think I made eye-contact with any fellow mommies during play dates these last 3 years because my eyes would always dart around like an over-caffeinated judge in a pinball contest and I would continually murmur, "1234 1234 1234..5 1234..5"). 

What a great place!  We will visit again soon!
The kids are at such a fun age.  I love the cute and clever things they say, and love the little people they are becoming.  I am sure I said I loved every phase prior to now, but really.  I finally feels like it's getting a little "easier".  As in, they play independently on their own now.  They can dress, undress, clean, wash, chatter, pick up, problem solve, and show emerging self control!  They are still very busy, but they are more independent and more delightful every day.

And how are Andy & I?  We are doing good.  We try to go on dates when we can, keep up the communication, and remind ourselves we are in this crazy blessed life together.  

Oh, and one more thing:  
We are going to Mexico this week for a much needed R & R!!!  

Once again, the Grandma's (&Grandpa's) are earning more Heavenly Jewels in their Crowns & have agreed to watch the kiddos while we play.  Oh, what amazing parents we have!!!!!  We will enjoy every single kidless minute really miss our five wonderful children but are doing it for our sanity and marriage.  A sacrifice, really. ;)

So that is that, as January comes to a close.

Hope the year is starting off well for you & your loved ones, and you are all staying healthy!