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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5 Little Monkeys

Currently there are guys busy working on our house.  I LOVE that our house renovation is in full swing, but it sure is very chaotic in here at the moment!  Vinyl siding is being hung, walls are being built for the bedroom downstairs, countertops & the sink are being installed in our kitchen right now... I mean, it is HOPPIN' here!

I am very happy we decided to stay here instead of move & I love how it looks so far, despite the crazy atmosphere.  Funny, this morning I took the quads to Costco for a nice little "break" and to keep them out of trouble with all this going on.  Shopping with four busy little people is no picnic, but you do what you gotta do!

And how did it get to be almost October already?  Jenna is really liking First grade, and the quads are full-fledged busy little monkeys.  Let me just re-iterate how thankful I am that we are going to be gaining more space in our house.  With the house under construction, most toys have been temporarily boxed up and everything has been whittled down to one room.  Good grief these kids are literally climbing the walls some days!  More space will be such a relief to us all!

The gate is worthless at this point, but I vainly try to keep it up as a visual reminder of what the limits need to be right now.  Don't you know that a million times a day as soon as mommy turns her back they are hurdling themselves into the "no-no" zone.  Sigh.
At least they are always very eager to help out!  

The bedtime situation has been a joke lately.  Everyone climbs out of their cribs at liberty, and even the cribs with mattresses dropped to the floor they climb in & out like crazy.  Last week I tried an experiment:  I pushed all cribs together in an "If you can't beat em', join em'" kind of thought.

Well, it was the best playground ever!!!

The cribs have now been pushed back to the walls.  Every crib mattress that can be on the floor is (there are 2), every crib that can hold a sheet on top during nap time has one (there are 3), and there are (4) children that will definitely be transitioning to big kid beds as soon as that bedroom is done!
"It's time for bed, said mama..."
Yes, we do indeed have 5 little monkeys.  In the photo above Jenna was having so much fun playing on the jungle gym beds with the kids, but outside she has been loving to swing on the ropes that Andy has suspended in our trees (he started Oak Meadow Tree Service two years ago).  Andy had her harnessed in this past weekend, and she gleefully swung 60 feet in the air.  I think I know who will be working with daddy in a few years!

Yes, that is a very happy monkey girl Jenna (safely) swinging in our trees.

Just hanging around!