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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I think I spoke too soon!

Wouldn't you know it, on the heels of my post of feeling "great" at 20 weeks, I took Jenna to the park the next morning and apparently walked "too much", my hip got all out of whack, I started contracting, and basically put myself on bed rest the rest of the day?  Yup.  The problem is, that every day it seems my body can tolerate less and less, and I am not always sure what my limit is until I push it!  So, today I will do a whole lot of not much.  Same for tomorrow... and the next day... and the next... !

But really cool story of why Jenna and I were at the park!  Friday I went to garage sales looking for a very specific stroller.  I drove through 2 huge neighborhoods to no avail, went to get Jenna who was at the playground with my mom, and my mom was talking to another mom with 11 month old twin girls!  After chit chatting a little bit, I told them I had no luck finding any Baby Trend Double Snap & Go Strollers, when the mom (Stephanie) said, "No way!  My girls just outgrew theirs and we put it in the basement!  My husband and I were just saying we had to get rid of it!"  I offered to buy it then and there, took her email, emailed her later that day, and then that night she called me up and said, "We will be at the park tomorrow, if you want to see it... and my husband and I talked, and we want to give it to you for free.  God Blessed us so much when we found out we were expecting twins, we want to pay it forward." 
Instant Tears.
So yes, we went to the park and yes, we now have the stroller (and more goodies she gave us!) and once again, we are so humbled and in awe of God's providence and provisions.  Thank you, Stephanie and Jason!  And yes, we will pay it forward as well!


  1. That's awesome about the stroller! We have certainly experienced some truly generous people during our quad pregnancy, its very humblimng. continue to take care of yourself!!

  2. That is a great story. I started crying before I even got to the punch line as I knew what was going to happen! Guess my pregnancy hormones havent fully worn off yet. But guess it was meant to be for you to be there. Take it easy girl! Remember when you told me maybe it's time for me to stop going to the gym? Well you were right. Maybe it's time to stop going to the park. Just for now... :0) love ya, take it easy...

  3. Becky ... this story is a beautiful picture of our Heavenly Father!! Thank you for posting this!! What an incredible God we serve who knows ... just what we need when we need it!

    You are loved :)

  4. so sweet I knew a little of this story but hadn't heard it all so exciting!!! God knows what he is doing even when we have no clue!!!