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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Today,  June 21 is "officially" the first day of Summer!  That is fitting today, because it is a beautiful breezy, sunny, warm day today.  Jenna is playing in the front yard with our neighbor & friend Lanie and the quaddlers are napping.  
However, to me it feels like Summer officially started a few weeks ago with Andy's birthday (June 9) & the end of school.  I love my job as a school OT and even though I only work a day and a half right now, I still got excited and a little sentimental at end of each school year.  This one especially so, because not only was it my 10th year working in the Grand Rapids Public Schools, but on the home  front Jenna has officially finished her first year of school with flying colors!
Jenna's class on a field trip to a local dairy farm!

 Crazy Hair Day at School!

 Kindergarten Graduation!
Jenna receiving her Kindergarten Diploma from her teacher.  I don't think Jenna could of had any better of a teacher this year.   Not only was she an amazing Kindergarten teacher, she has the perfect name: Mrs. Happie!
Our big girl is officially a first grader and SUCH a helper to the littles in the house.  Jenna finished up her Spring soccer practice & games, and has decided to give Tennis a try this summer.  Hope she enjoys Tennis as much as she loves gymnastics & soccer!
Jenna showing some good soccer skills this Spring!

As I mentioned above, Andy had a birthday June 9 and then we also celebrated him on Father's day.  He is very busy juggling two jobs, but really enjoys his tree business and it is rapidly growing.
Just ignore Hannah who is digging for gold apparently!
Hannah, Lauren, Jenna, Tyler & Tanner all wish Daddy a Happy 30th birthday... (+7, but who's counting?!?)

Make a wish, Daddy!

This. Is. Classic. Andy!!!
(Tyler on L, Tanner on R)
The quads are almost 2.  I have no clue where the last year went, but let me tell you, they are so much fun.  Every day they are saying and doing more.  I remember Jenna at this age, and daily being surprised that she "knew" so much.  True x 4! I am amazed when they break out in songs (ABC's and Old Mac Donald's farm are two favorites right now;  they often combine the two and sing EIE-EFG), say words, & do things I had no idea they were capable of.
 ~At Brann's Restaurant celebrating the dads ~
Lauren eating very lady-like with a a big girl fork (and doing great!)
 Clockwise from top L:  Hannah, Lauren, Tyler & Tanner

Fun with a Frog!  
(I love how the girls are playing with frogs- country girls for sure!)

Ripping up magazines (a fun fine motor mess!)
~Cruisin' in the Hot, Hot Sun~
 My Aunt Nancy, Uncle John & cousin Katie came to visit early this month and brought some wonderful goodies- boxes & boxes of clothes and these two Little Tykes Cars!
Tyler loves riding in any and all cars!

Boy, do I love our four little blessings.  The quads are definitely not babies any longer and all are very close in height & abilities.  From L-R:  Hannah, Tanner, Lauren & Tyler
Hope you are enjoying a great start to Summer!