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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy... not birthday?!?

Happy First Birthday, Babies!*

*Today is not the children's actual birthday.  That is July 17.  October 5 was the "original due date"given to me when I first learned I was pregnant; thus every developmental milestone of our four children is now compared to this date as the unequivocal bar of developmental normalcy.

As a therapist, I totally get it!  As a mommy to four preemies last year year, I would always list 2 ages when people asked me how old they were.  For example:
"Well, they're 5 months, but gestationally 3 months."  I just couldn't help it- I always felt the need to say this disclaimer!
But now, all our babies- excuse me, toddlers- have really caught up!  Yeah!  God is so good!
Thus, this date doesn't mean too much anymore unless we have our monthly Early On therapists here or a doctor's visit, as I did yesterday. I took Tyler to the eye doctor for a check-up (all looks great!) and the doctor mentioned that he was, in fact, developmentally right on track at the 1 year old level because he was "officially developmentally 1" now.  Oh, yes.  Yes he is!

Our crew is not only full-fledged "official official" (wink wink) one year olds; They are all very busy, active (and finally healthy, thank God!) almost 15 month olds!  The girls walk like crazy.  The boys just started taking steps of their own.  The girls say a smattering of words and the boys, well, they communicate in their own ways!  Jenna is finally acclimating to Kindergarten and is already learning tons.  We are amazed at the busyness of life but can't imagine it any other way.

This past week Michigan has been blessed with some of the most beautiful, warm, sunny fall days.  The babies love getting outside and I have taken advantage of our huge yard for some fun exploration.  Here are some pictures from earlier this week!
The kids LOVED exploring.  The boys & Hannah were into the balls & stroller.
Lauren was all about chasing cats & sticking everything inedible in her mouth!

Tyler is our monkey.  He LOVES to climb and daily climbs to the top of our baby gates.  When you ask him to get down, he will, but I am just waiting for that day when I will hear a "thud" from him going over.  He is such a boy!
Here he decided to not only climb on the stroller, but also dis-assemble the top canopy.  In, like, 10 seconds.  His face shows the guilt!
Hannah taking cues from her brother.  She is clearly very proud of herself.

This is Tanner taking steps!  YEAH!!!
Both boys just this week have started taking steps on their own.  Tanner does this "Frankenstein" walk with arms out, hips extended, and the biggest smile plastered on his face.  It is priceless!

The girls chasing cats.  They clearly shout "Kitty!!" and then make a mad dash.  It is adorable!

My handsome little Tyler boy!

I love our front yard, they all had the freedom to explore.  I think Tyler was trying to see how far I would let him go!
And last but not least, Andy's job has been very... uplifting... lately!  He rented this for a tree job he is doing today, and we all went up on it yesterday (tethered in, of course!) while the babies watched.
This is Jenna & Andy 5 stories up.  Freaky!

Courtney, one of our neighbors, feeds the kids graham crackers.  She even went up in the lift!  I think I was the only one a little freaked out on my turn!
Jenna said, "Daddy, can we stay up longer?  I am enjoying the nature!"  Adorable.
Hope you all enjoy your day!



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  1. God is good! It is absolutely amazing how far all of these babies have come. I tossed GA out the window too for just the same reason- we're pretty much on track! Sydney is the only one still getting early childhood intervention, but I don't think it will be for too much longer. Poor baby still has sensory issues we're working on and isn't quite ready to walk. But, she will.