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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our Lil' Pumpkins

Happy Halloween from our crew!  Our little pumpkins have been getting the most out of this season! 

Lauren, Tyler, Tanner & Hannah 
 Our Beautiful Jenna Joy

Speaking of Jenna, she really loves Kindergarten now!  She amazes us daily at all she is learning.  Jenna has been starting to pick up early reader books and reading them/sounding them out on her own, and she has been writing words & sentences completely on her own too.  The other day I went to tidy her room up & found this on her work table in her room.  She had made it that morning when she woke up, "just because."  Oh, my heart!
It says (phonetically), "I miss my dogs!  Jenna, (age) 5."  That is her walking Scout & Oxford, our old dogs.
And with the winter months looming ahead and cold & flu season upon us, I know we will be hunkering down for the majority of the winter.  I decided to break out the ball pit (an inflatable pool) but was stymied on how to best set up a pit in the neatest way possible, when it hit me:  us a pack-n-play!  Voila!  The kids think it is a hit.
Peek-a-boo!  Since the first dip in the ball pit, mommy made a rule: no more than 2 kids in it at a time and everyone must throw the balls back in once the ball time is over.  They love it, though!
And to end, I wanted to see where the lil' pumpkins were at last year & compare- oh, how they have grown!

Lauren, Hannah, Tyler & Tanner October 2012
October 2013:  Our little Diva Our sweet Hannah was not sure she liked being in a pumpkin

Hope you are finding ways to get the most our of the season!


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  1. I love your little pumpkins pictures! They will love seeing them one day. I'm impressed you carved out FOUR large pumpkins.
    You ball pit runs circles around ours...I think I need about two more bags of balls for a true ball pit. LOL.