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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

At Trunk or Treat inside my friend's church tonight.  A perfect alternative to Trick or Treating in the rain!
At my sister's Halloween party last weekend (don't they have awesome decorations?!?).  At the last minute Jenna & I decided to be "country girls"- fast, easy, and perfect for a barn party!

Our little ones were:
 Pooh (Lauren), Tigger (Tanner), Rabbit (Tyler) & Piglet (Hannah) 

Big sister Jenna is always the BEST helper around!

For Halloween, Jenna was a Princess 
(Thank you, Destiny, for lending us your costume!) 
 Jenna's school had a Halloween Parade and then a fun party afterwards.  I was so glad I could be there for it!

          Our most wonderful Tigger!

"Happy Halloween!"
And now please excuse me, I have some candy to eat.


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  1. Everyone looked adorable, including you as a "country girl"!