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Thursday, October 24, 2013


This past weekend I met up with my Thorson side of the family due to the unexpected death of my Uncle John.  My heart aches for the family and for my dad, who lost his brother and only sibling.  While I have not seen Uncle John for many years, I have fond memories of him and know he will be missed.  While in Plano, we drove by where our grandparents lived and saw their gravesite.  It was nice to reminisce and see the familiar town & memorable landmarks with big kid eyes!
Dad the day of the funeral.  Plano, Illinois was not only where the family lived but also where the Superman movie was filmed, thus the "Smallville" sign on this building.
My sister, mom, babies & I went to Illinois for the funeral and shared a hotel room.  Don't you know I forgot to take a single picture the day of the funeral, but I did snap some hotel room photos.  It was great seeing that side of the family and meeting family members I either didn't remember well or had never met.  Unfortunately, I wish our reunion had been under better circumstances.
Free Rides!

Our room was huge, it fit 4 Pack n Play's perfectly!
 My dad & wife Nancy drove in from Arizona for the funeral & then spent a few days here in Michigan.  It was wonderful visiting with them & having them spend time with the grandkids.  They had not met our quads prior to this, so I am glad they got to officially meet each other!


It shouldn't take the death of a family member to remind me that life is so delicate and there is something so precious and... familiar... with family.  I have had some friends for a very long time, but with family you are a part of everyone else's story too, and your story started even before you were born.  Whether from up close or afar, family witnesses the intimate struggles, circumstances, joys, disappointments, faults, accomplishments, failures, strengths & weaknesses of each other decade to decade.  Individual family members can vary widely in looks, personality and lifestyle, yet strip away a lot of who we have become and you are likely to find some of the same familial strengths & struggles. 

I love my family.  Perfect we are not.  But then again, what family is?  Life is too short and fragile to have regrets.  If at all possible, love your family well.  Forgive them.  Give them grace.  Pray for patience (for you) as needed and often.  Enjoy them!   Be kind, even when you find it hard.  Treat them as you want to be treated.  Speak truth, but only in love.  Connect with them as often as you can.  These are things that can be hard to do with family, but life is never guaranteed.  We won't regret it....



  1. Sorry for your loss. My cousin just passed away Wednesday and I'm having some of the same feelings. It was a cousin on my dad's side of the family--most of them disowned us when my parents got divorced at 2 weeks old. One aunt (and her family) stuck around, and my cousin was the cousin I was closest to. It's so hard to comprehend... this is the fourth child they have buried out of seven. I am sad that I lost my cousin, but my heart breaks for my aunt and uncle. :( Death is such a tough thing.

  2. Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss and your aunt & uncle. I just can't imagine the sorrow of burying four children. Life is so delicate, and you're right, death is such a tough thing.

  3. I am sorry for your loss, Becky. Sadly, I think many families are like this, gathering rarely until there is a solemn event. We recently realized that we've spent very little time with our extended family in the past few years and are hosting a chili dinner at our house Sunday. Life is far to delicate for time to pass without seeing our family, and with the quads not knowing their family.

  4. Thanks, Amber. What a great idea hosting a chili dinner! Enjoy the family time :)