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Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 Things

Ug, I feel like my body has been battling the yuckies that have been in our house lately.  As I write this the kids are finally on the mend from a cold that started over 2 weeks ago.  They were getting better from cold #1, and then got another really, really nasty cold.... Hello Hand Washing & Sanitizing Season!

Despite the yuckies, here are 5 things that have brightened our lives the past few weeks :)

1.  Soccer
Jenna LOVES her YMCA class!  They are basically an intro to soccer to see if she likes it or not.
I think this will be a sport we continue in the Spring!

The babies loved watching the kids play.  Hannah kept on wanting to join her big sister!

Go, Team!

2.  Wedding
I was honored to be in my friend Stefanie's wedding last weekend.  It was beautiful!!!  Joe & Stefanie, I  wish you decades of health & happiness and I pray you enjoy an abundantly blessed marriage!

         Stefanie & her mom

3.  Sick Kids (Why, you might ask is this "brightening"?  glad you asked.  We are so blessed & thankful that despite this, we have 5 "healthy" kids we can assume will get better.  Not everyone can say this.  We are humbled and thankful to God for these kiddos every day.)

 Aren't they pathetic looking?  I felt so bad for them.  Jenna missed a few days of school, but these four were plum miserable all week long.  Fevers, coughs, snot, body aches, eye goobers, vomiting, and not to mention probably sore throats, throbbing heads & achy bodies... you just hurt for them!
When sick, you get to do fun things like play with tupperware to forget how miserable you feel!

4.  Growing Up & Getting Out
~Some good times this past month~
At Fallsburg Fest, a Fall festival full of food & local art.
The theme of the day was "twins"- the girls were dressed identical, the boys were identical, and Jenna & I dressed very similar.  No, we don't do this often, but Jenna (& I) thought it would be fun!
~Daddy Love~

How do I get Jenna to the bus stop 1/4 mile away by myself by 7:50 AM when I have 4 babies at home?
Ah, yes.  Put a pack n play in the van & drive them down the driveway and private road!

5.  Haircut
Jenna has long, beautiful hair.  Which has been getting chewed on A LOT!  Between the detangling from chewed hair and how active she is, today I reached my limit.  We have been talking to Jenna for a while about getting a hair cut, and today became that day.  Let me introduce you to our shorter-haired beauty!

Hope that wherever life has you right now you can still stop and think of a few things that brighten your life!



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  1. Becky,
    We continue to admire you and your awesome family!
    We love your new do. You are gorgeous!

    The Glicks
    Spfld, IL