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Friday, June 7, 2013


The crew & I: The favored toy at the moment is ME.  They love to crawl over and climb up on me!
The kids are growing so fast, I am not sure how much longer I can call them babies!  I just love every new phase of their development.  This week Lauren figured out how to crawl (and boy, is she proud of herself!) and Tyler started babbling like his sisters.  All four can transition from sitting to crawling to pulling to stand.  Tanner still likes to army crawl, but the therapist in me can't help but try to get his belly off the floor to crawl!  If this is the least of my worries, call me blessed a thousand times over :).  God is SO good.

This past week, daddy took some time off work to get things done around the house and to do some fun stuff, too.  Everyone got a chance to take some mini-vacations!

Babies First Trip to the Zoo
Last weekend I was getting stir crazy and needed to get out of the house.  My friend Stefanie was coming over with her daughter Reagan already for a play date, so I asked if we could take the play date on the road.  My choice of destination?  The Zoo!
Easy Peasy with this awesome folding stroller handy in my van!
I learned something at the zoo:  Hannah sounds just like this peacock when she is hungry.

Stefanie holding Tyler

Jenna, Reagan & the babies
Not too far from our house is a wonderful zoo, Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park.   It has lots of exotic animals and is very hands-on.  It's not too big and not too crazy, so it was the PERFECT destination and getaway for 2 moms + 6 kids!

On the bus, taking us around the zoo and showing off the various animals.  Lauren & Tyler were interested!

Stefanie holding Tanner & Hannah

The girls with a zoo employee & a baby wallaby (the worker  joked about what is cuter:  a baby wallaby or 4 babies at once- ha!)

FUN times!  We definitely will go there again.  

Mommy & Daddy Date
Thanks to our wonderful moms, Andy & I had a nice overnight getaway this last week for a little mini-vacation.
At dinner at a yummy brewery restaurant
We didn't get any other pictures, but we stayed at a nice, remote bed & breakfast in the country far, far away from anyone we know.  We enjoyed the long country drive, beautiful B & B, and together time!  Getaways like this are SO vital to us for a healthy marriage!

Jenna & Daddy Date
Daddy took Jenna to Chicago a few days later for a wonderful day trip.  They took the train into Chicago, went to the aquarium, Navy Pier, and then back home via train.  It was their first "big" daddy-daughter date, hopefully the first of many to come!
Hello, Chicago!

Jellyfish & Stingray exhibits at the Shedd Aquarium

I love these two so much!
On the ferris wheel at Navy Pier
Tired girl asleep on the drive home!
We don't have much planned for this summer, so it is so energizing to have little mini-vacations like these.  Hope you get to celebrate life and take a (mini) vacation of your own!



  1. LOVE this! We've been getting stir crazy staying home too. So much that I loaded the babies into the van just to go to Sonic last week. We need more field trips, I think. George and I also need an overnight getaway. Critical!

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