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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Little Things...

A few fellow quad-mom bloggers do a "Little Things Thursday" installment to showcase the big and little everyday things that happen throughout the week.  They are Amber ( and Rebecca (  I can't commit to always having a weekly "Little Things" blog, especially on Thursdays (cause it's already Friday!!), but I love the idea.  Time is short and things happen that I would love to document, so here we go!  These are some of the little things that have happened this week:

1. My camera broke!  (wah wah wuuuh)
                       Because I dropped it.  (wah wah wuuuhhhhhh)
                                    And so now I am using my not-so-wonderful old camera until I can get new one fixed  (wah wah wah wah WUHHHHHHHH).
So this is how most of my pictures end up:
Un-edited.  Yup, I don't see anything either.

Edited- Tyler working on standing!

Roughly 1/5 pictures actually turn out good now.  I am kicking myself I am so frustrated with me!!!  On my to-do list is get the camera fixed.  Someday.  Grrrrr.

2.  As seen above, we have kids learning to STAND!!!!!
Hannah & Tyler are the most adventurous ones so far, but Tanner is starting to also.

Hannah showing off her skills tonight before bedtime.  That girl has no fear!
3.  Lauren, not to be out-done, decided to be the ONLY one so far who can clap her hands and who babbles incessantly (da da da da da, ba ba ba ba ba, etc.)  Go Lauren!

4.  Eating "real" food!
We use to eat dinner and then I would feed the babies right after, but this past week the babies have been howling as we sat down to dinner-- they were HUNGRY and wanted to be a part of dinnertime!  So when I made chicken & broccoli alfredo last week, I decided it was baby-friendly enough.  I cut the food up to tiny pieces, and voila!  We have instant eaters and instant mess at the same time!  The girls LOVE food.  Tyler is starting to enjoy eating food on his own now!  Tanner... well, he has not puked up dinner yet and is hating it less & less every day!  Hey, that's progress.
Jenna is always the greatest helper!  

We learned real fast that a tablecloth under the babies is a MUST!
4.  Play Dates!
Now that Jenna is all done with pre-school and the "germ lock-down" is done for the season, we are able to get out and have people over more!  We went to visit my very good friend Michelle last week, her daughter Sierra is about the same age as the babies.  I should have gotten pictures of her other kids Blake & Brooke playing with Jenna, but they were too busy all day playing outside to pose for the camera.
Clockwise, from bottom left:  Tyler, Hannah, Sierra, Tanner & Lauren.

Sierra liked her instant play group but it was a bit overwhelming at first, all those babies!

Oh, such a handome man my Tanner is!!!
We also are having more visitors & play dates.  Some work friends stopped by for lunch this week, and one brought her 4 year old son to play with Jenna.  They were instant buds!  We had another play date this afternoon, one planned for tomorrow, and probably some next week, too.
One of my co-workers, Laura, handling the babies with me

Jenna pushing Finn on our tire swing 
5.  Fun New Toys!
Now that our crew is at "the next stage" of getting around, it was time for me to break out the next-size up of toys.  It doesn't seem so long ago that we had these around for Jenna!
This chair is a FAVORITE!

We also have enclosed the play area thoroughly to ensure that nobody gnaws on shoes, sucks on markers, or eats dropped chips or other tasty treats (ahem... Hannah!)

So those are some of little things that are keeping us busy these days!


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  1. Yay for you doing a Little Things post =) I love seeing all the babies pull up. We are having to get bigger toys now too. I've been underestimating what they will like. Last night mom brought my old doll cradle and Cabbage Patch doll over. They loved it! What good eaters doing all that finger food =) I'll have to snag that idea. And, yay for play dates! You may not have an Amber squared situation, but play dates are fun no matter what and great for Jenna.