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Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Kids!

We are 11 1/2 months old and mommy is too busy to write a post so we will.  Our names are Tyler, Tanner, Lauren & Hannah.  Big sis Jenna is almost 5 and typing because we don't have the dexterity to do that yet.  ;)

This is what big sister Jenna has been doing lately:
Playing outside and finding all kinds of critters like this snapping turtle:

Having friends over:
Getting clean with friends Blake & Brooke
Cuddling, playing, & helping take care of us:

And enjoying the outdoors & warm weather:
Yes, she went in the water with all her clothes on.  It was warm!
At Lake Michigan with Aunt Cindy 

We are feeling much better, thank you very much, and we think mommy is happy we are too.  It was a LONG week.  Mommy seemed a little crazy towards the end there, with that "weird look" in her eyes...

Between the 4 of us, we have 14 teeth (Tanner has 6!).  The girls love to talk and say lots of things, but "Dada" is a favorite.  Tyler likes to say "Baba" sometimes.  Tanner grunts and gurgles.
We all are pulling ourselves to stand and get around really super fast.  Tyler & Hannah like to climb on things.  Lauren & Hannah like clapping their hands.  Us boys think that is wussy so we just shove or grab things to chew.  We all really, really like to eat, even Tanner.  We will be 1 year old in a few weeks and feel really proud of what we can do!  
We all love life and really love mommy, daddy & Jenna.  We also love our friends & family that visit often.  

OK, Jenna's hands are tired so that is all for now. 

Mommy and her troops when they were still on the up & up
Lauren is such a happy girl and has found her voice!

Tyler showing off his daredevil skills

Tanner is now happy to eat puffs too, even when it's off the floor! (only manly boys can get away with wearing pink bibs)
So funny how we all clamor for the same toy in a room filled with toys!

At a pool party this weekend- what fun we had in this pool!
Tanner & Tyler playing at the water table- splish splash!

Lauren & Tanner at the water table
Tyler & the sisters

At the pool party- lots of sets of twins here!

We tried talking mommy into feeding us this way at home, too.  Easy clean up!
 OK, nap time!  Bye!

all of us


  1. Haha, cute! I love how busy everyone is these days. I see you have a climber too, uh oh!

  2. Love the picture of you on the couch with all four. The look on your face looks so happy. I really don't want to believe that our babies are almost a year. How can it be so?