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Friday, June 14, 2013

Gates Up & More Yuck

This past week germs dared to enter our house!  I was really knocked out sick Sunday with a really bad sinus head cold, and Monday as I started feeling a little better the babies started getting sick.  Since Tuesday, Hannah & Lauren have had this nasty stomach virus thing and Tyler & Tanner seem to have my head cold.  Temperatures are still high, and between the girls just today (so far) I have changed 8 diarrhea diapers.  At least they're not throwing up anymore.  True story: Got some in my mouth earlier this week when Hannah puked.  So.  So.  Gross.
I know, you really didn't need to know that, did you?
"Mommy, I don't feel good!"

I am really busy cleaning babies, sheets, diapers, shoving pedialyte by the teaspoon-fulls into the girls mouths, administering Tylenol, Advil, Hugs & Love.... and all they want is to be held!  If ever I wished to grow more arms...!

And the gates?  We had a slide-gate on one end of the play area that the babies figured out how to escape from.  So now we added 2 more gates to our home.  Jenna is still trying to figure out how to open them, so it's all a learning curve in this house!


SO thankful Jenna has stayed healthy so far!
Look at DareDevil Hannah.  No fear!
This is how you know you have officially outgrown a swing.  Bummer!!!
A quad-escape!

Even while sick, these babies still keep busy!

And now I must go.  Hannah just had #9 on my lap.  Poor thing.....!!!!!

Becky (no hugs this week... too many germs, lol)


  1. Oh no!! Soooo sorry you're going through the sickies, I know you are beyond exhausted. Thoughts & prayers for recoveries, hang in there momma...

  2. This is life is hard. It feels like it is never going to pass. I love seeing Jenna with the babies because Aubrey and Natalie love their siblings as much as Jenna loves hers. Hoping this weekend brings health to your home.