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Monday, August 5, 2013

Wisin' up!

Happy Almost August!  I can't believe summer is flying by the way it is.  How do you like the Blog Facelift?  I love all the designs you can do and I needed an updated family photo.  Writing is so cathartic to me.  I think even if I was the only one who ever read this blog, I would still write the same stuff and change the designs just as often.  But I am glad you are sharing our journey with us!

So, on that note, with all these kids I am wisin' up.  A little.

1.  Spaghetti Night?  Babies wear diaper only & straight to tub after.  Hose off high-chairs outside.
Now, I know what you'll say, "Just do white sauce!"  Argh, I am such a sucker for pushing veggies.  Blame it on Jenna's lack of love for vegetables.  However, she hasn't figured out spaghetti sauce is all veggies yet (insert evil laugh here).

2.  Food on floor?  It's perfectly acceptable to re-use dropped food using the "10 second rule"
My friend's daughter Sammi & I recycling the dropped food

3.  Outside water table?  Use it for bath-time yes, but also surround with baby gate!!!

4.  Want the kids to eat dinner at the table?  Suction cup placemats, I love you.  Between those and our beloved Tommy Tippy rubber bibs, there is barely any food dropped on the floor.  Simply scoop the food out of the- uh, reserved holders- and less food is wasted or dropped.

5.  Triple-cover the changing pad.  That way when you need to change fast, say, when your son pees on you again during a diaper change, you can change the baby and linens at the same time without skipping a beat!  Oh, and also give them a small toy to hold and chew on while changing them.  That will make them less likely to become a Mister or Sister Twister!

6.  Lots of babies=lots of hands to help.  And makeshift tents only require a bedsheet, chairs & creativity.
How many people can you fit under a makeshift tent?

A few weeks ago my Aunt Nancy, cousin Lisa & her children visited us.  Cindy's pool was fun but also required lots of hands on deck (no pun intended, ha!)

7.  Swim lessons are money well spent!

Still, I don't have all the answers:

1.  What do I do with a boy who likes to climb the baby gate?
What a stinker my little man Tyler is!

                      I think he takes after his daredevil sister...

2.  How do I get the kids to want to stay in the baby gate?

3.  How do I keep babies from blinking all the time when trying to snap cute photos?

4.  How do I get these boys to sleep as good as the girls at nap time (they could do one nap at this point, the girls still totally need 2.  Since they all share the same room and I keep them all on the same schedule, this is a current conundrum)...

5.  Why do we become a human jungle gym whenever we play with the babies?  And why, oh why, do the girls like to pull at hair so much?!?

These are just some of the things I am figuring out or still need figuting out these days.  Any tips or solutions gladly welcome!




  1. Please let me know when you figure out the hair pulling quandry!! I always joke with people saying I'm losing my hair, but not bc of stress - they are literally pulling it out!

  2. LOL, cute post! I've been drafting a similar post in my head for weeks, maybe even months now. You've inspired me to write it already! Stay tuned to see what I've learned in a year with quads. =)

  3. Another way to get veggies in spaghetti sauce--finely grate carrots in the sauce when you're cooking it. They get soft and are hidden. Kids never know--I did it all the time when my boys were little. You can do it with anything tomatoey!