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Monday, August 12, 2013


 Last week Andy's family relaxed at our annual family vacation at the beach.  His parents usually rent the same cottage the first week of August in beautiful Holland, Michigan.  No fail, it seems the weather is always wonderful and the time is so relaxing!

Our annual "Girls Night Out"- the ladies get all pretty and we go out for dessert.
This year we allowed Tanner & Tyler to crash it :-)


Last year, I remember countless drives between the cottage and the NICU, straddling 2 lives, wondering if four little miracles would live, frazzled, hormonal and hanging on literally only by many of your prayers.  This year, I breathed a sigh of relief and said many prayers of gratitude that we have four healthy, active, lively babies!
Playing with Daddy in the cottage living room

The beach resulted in mixed reviews by the babies.  Jenna, of course, LOVES it.  The girls LOVED it too!  The boys?  NOT fans!!!
What's the best way to keep 4 babies/toddlers contained on the beach?  A playyard, of course!
Jenna & Elizabeth splashing in Lake Michigan
Tyler & Lauren checking it out

At first I thought Tanner might like it, but he soon decided NO.

Tyler seemed to be open-minded at first, but I think some sand in the eye ruined it for good.  He didn't like anything about the beach AT ALL!

Our Sand-loving girl

Instead of taking the babies all week long, this year just Jenna & I went on Sunday for Anna's 13th 14th birthday (lol, Anna) and then I took all 5 kids Wednesday morning thru Friday evening.  There was SOOOOOOO much to pack and thankfully Andy was there to help Wednesday & Friday, but it was well worth it!
Happy Birthday Anna!  Even with a sad looking birthday cake, it was still fun!
One blessed mama & her boys

Auntie spoiled generously gifted her nieces with ipads!  What an awesome gift, Auntie Kim!!!

Seriously this girl can hula-hoop for over half-an-hour without dropping it.  I am jealous.

Jenna had a blast with her cousins, and the babies did wonderfully!  There were always lots of hands to hold them, and they slept like a dream!
Our sleeping arrangement: the room fit 2 twin beds & 4 pack n plays well!  The babies slept like a dream.
Why?  They are on a rockin' schedule and they were pooped, people!


(how ridiculous does he sleep?  So funny!)


Lots of holders were available all the time!

 Does your family have any vacation traditions?  Andy's dad told me he believes they have been renting a summer cottage on Lake Michigan for 46 years now.  Now THAT's a great family tradition!




  1. We must have missed each other on Thursday. I was there all afternoon with my boys. What a wonderful place to vacation!

  2. Could NOT love the photo of you with the babies on the beach in a play yard. Priceless! So glad you enjoyed some vacation....even though right now, vacation is still work!

    1. No kidding about vacation is work, I am STILL doing laundry from it! Worth it, though :)

  3. Heather, we were on the other side of the bay in the Macatawa area. We coulda waved across the channel to each other!

  4. It was brave of you to take a family vacation, but I know you don't regret it a bit. It looks like it was wonderful! I LOVE the picture of you on the beach in the play yard. Hysterical!

    I've never been to the beach in Michigan, but it looks beautiful. It reminds me a lot of the Texas coast. Our family went to Padre Island every year for over thirty years. Hoping we'll be brae enough to take the quads soon.