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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This & That

I have about 5 blog drafts but nothing ready yet, so instead I will just post some recent fun pictures of our everyday life!
Only Classy Kids can pick noses with their ring finger and look this cute.
Hannah LOVES to walk!!  I need to take video of it, but here she was in action.
Jenna being a monkey.  She is very ready to start Kindergarten in 2 weeks!

Sometimes "dinner" means feeding the kids early, getting everyone cleaned & off to bed, and then we have alone time and eat a nice, quiet, relaxing dinner together.  Almost like a date :)
On this night, I believe Andy & I did something rare:  we went out to a movie while his mom put the kids to bed!  Date nights are fun at home, but even better when we can actually "get out"!
Oh boy.  Here we go.

At our neighbor's house.  I don't have to hold a single child whenever we go there!

Daddy lovin' on the boys & our climber girls below

Jenna took a bowling class with the neighbor girls this past week.  She seemed to keep up with the big kids!

Tyler & Hannah were yucking it up inside the tunnel!  I love how they all interact!

"Well, if Tyler won't move it's his fault if he gets stepped on."

Getting EVEN SMARTER with this whole bath at the water-table thing.  Jenna helps me shampoo & clean them quick as a whip, and then they go naked & clean in a pack n play filled with warm towels until I can bring them in to get dressed one at a time.  Safe, easy & can be done solo without difficulty!
Singing to my crew after they all were crazy howling a "symphony of quadstruction".  Their teeth are to blame, and sometimes only a mommy's lap will make things better.
Even if there are four children on that lap.

So what "everyday" things have you done this week?




  1. Ugh, the teething. The teeeeeetthhiinnnngggg. It's going to be the death of me. Hoping yours improve soon!

  2. I know what you mean about blog drafts... I love the pictorial update though. I can't believe you have a walker so neat! The pack n play is a great holding cell :)

  3. Is it not so awesome how much they are all interacting these days. I love watching them crawl over each other or swap toys. It just warms my heart. Is Jenna excited for school? The girls have gone two days now and LOVE it. I am not looking forward to next week when they are gone all day, everyday. How can we have Kindergartners?