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Thursday, August 15, 2013

1 year Stats & Schedule

So I like to chronicle things (obviously) and since this blog also serves as the baby books, I just realized I didn't plug in the babies' stats from their 1 year doctor appointment 3 weeks ago!  Slacker!

Lauren:  28" tall, 20# 2 oz, head circumference 44 cm
Tyler:  27 1/2" tall, 16# 13 oz, head circumference 45.5 cm
Tanner:  28 1/4" tall, 17# 5 oz, head circumference 45.5 cm
Hannah:  27 3/4" tall, 20# 4 oz, head circumference 45 cm

And this is what our schedule currently looks like.  All Day.  Every Day.  :)

6:30/7- wake & coffee made!
7-8- morning diaper changes, bottles, hot cocoa for Jenna
8-9:00- breakfast for all
*babies are basically all "real" food now, with pureed food & baby cereal at the end of some meals only to appease Tanner and ensure full bellies.  This is good for them, but waaaaaay more messy.
9-10- clean up, change babies into clothes, play
10-11:30 Babies nap!  Jenna plays!  I actually shower!!!
11:30-12:30  Lunch
1-2 play time, clean-up time, sometimes walks
2-2:30  Babies get another bottle (I am currently transitioning from bottles to sippy cups, so hopefully this bottle will phase out once they get more liquids in throughout the meals & daytime.  I am also transitioning from formula to milk.  And transitioning from warmer to cooler temps....)
2:30-4 nap time!
4-5 play, snack if dinner is later than 5
5-8- Dinner is made, eaten, cleaned up, all kids get baths every other day, we play if we have time, babies get bedtime bottle and Jenna & babies are all in bed by 8.  Phew.  It's a zoo.

After that you would think there was time to rest and relax, but there is always so much to do!  Dishes, clothes, floors, toys & counters need cleaning, putting away, sanitizing & organizing.  Meals or bottles need prepped.  Beds need to be made.  Shopping and schedules need to be figured out.  The list is never-ending and tomorrow always has spill-over things not accomplished from the day before.  BUT.... having said that, there is always room for fun.  I am going to end this post now because tonight I will have rare snuggle-time with Andy at our campfire in the back yard with beers in our hands.  Ahhhh.....

Life is definitely busy with 5 kids 5 & under, but this is the season we are in & I wouldn't change a single thing.  I like our life, and love my family deeply.  I think this season will go by so fast, and I remind myself that THIS is what God made me for--- I want to do the best job I possibly can, even in the mundane busyness of quaddlerhood.




  1. you have a mistake in the word multiples in your header

  2. Thank you, Patty! I'm surprised I missed it, I will fix it asap. Glad I have people like you reading this for an extra set of eyes!

  3. Soon you will be rid of bottles and that alone will make things a tad easier. But then comes a bit of extra cleanup with increased finger food action and sippy cups. Eventually you'll transition to just one nap a day but you'll have 2-3 uninterrupted hours to nap, shower, clean, etc. And it'll be soooo nice. And I'm VERY glad to hear you abandoned the work load for beers in the backyard. There's always spill-over but the reality is, there will never be a moment we, as quad moms, will stand in the midst of our house and announce, "I'm done! I've done EVERYTHING there is to do." Ha! Keeping our sanity, finding good moments to relax and enjoy and forgetting about the laundry in favor of rolling around on the floor with the babies are where it's at. Keep up all the good work, mama!

  4. I love seeing the latest updates and schedules from you so I can compare notes! Your babies are very similar in both size and schedule. I'm also happy to know you still get two naps a day! I'm hanging onto the am nap as long as I can because it's "me time" to get the day sorted. It will be a rough day when we drop that nap.
    Bottles I don't miss! Cleaning sippy cups is soooo much easier- just two parts each that all go in the dishwasher.