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Friday, May 3, 2013

Outdoor Fun!

What beautiful weather we have been having!  Finally!!!!!

Yesterday was sunny & 80 degrees, and I figured I needed to introduce the babies to green grass.  When I had Jenna feel grass the first time when she was about 9 months old, she was NOT a fan:

Flashback picture: Jenna sitting in grass the first time.  She did not like the prickly green stuff at all!!!

I thought the babies might react the same way, but they all LOVED the grass and being outside!  I had to quickly rig a system for shade using a blanket and highchairs:

At first, some were skeptical:
Tanner feeling grass for the first time

Hannah grabbing a piece of grass: she later shoved it in her mouth and approved of the green stuff.
Feeling it out...

Lauren is curious...

"We think we like it, mom!"
Notice how we have 4 independent sitters now?  Yeah, babies!!!!  Hannah, Tyler, Lauren & Tanner are so proud of this new skill and (some) are even thinking about crawling next.  Craziness.

In no time, the babies were enraptured by the cool green grass and the beautiful warm outdoors!

Lauren & Tanner liked rolling in & feeling the soft green grass!

Tyler & Lauren
Handsome Tanner caught with a dimply smile 

What a happy, handsome little boy Tyler is!

 Our Cutie Pie Lauren
Hope you get to enjoy something new, exciting & beautiful this Spring, too!



  1. So cute! Ours love the outdoors too. Can't WAIT to get out of this apartment and into our new home with a yard! Great job with the tent out of high chairs. :)

  2. What a wonderful day! It looks like you were having some Texas weather up there. We've had temps dropping down in the 30's at night! So weird.
    I'm impressed with all of your independent sitters. I've only got one of four who can get there independently. We're working on it.