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Monday, May 13, 2013

Who needs toys?

My favorite thing for the babies to do after we eat is have a "social time".  Really, this is a fancy way of saying I need to keep the babies contained while I clean up!  Plus, after the boys eat they really should be upright for a while because of the reflux, so there are multiple reasons why I love doing this.  

Most of the time I clean them up, push them all together, and throw some toys on the trays in hopes they stay at least a few minutes before all landing on the ground (seriously, the other day I taped bead necklaces to the trays & attached all toys to the beads... and they still managed to get all the toys on the ground in 10 minutes!).

The other day I was bored with the regular toys, and then I realized--- hey!  I have lots of "toys" for them that are free and easily accessible--- in the kitchen!  Oh, what fun they had!

Who knew cookwear could be so much fun?!?


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