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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Very Hungry Babies

In the light of the moon, little children lay on their beds.

One Sunday morning the warm sun came up and- pop!- out of their cribs came four tiny and very hungry caterpillars babies.

They, like big sister, were very hungry.

They started to look for some food.

In the morning, they ate one big bowl of cereal mixed with strawberries and yogurt.  They also polished off four full bottles.
But they were still hungry.

After nap-time, they ate two big bowls of food: cereal mixed with formula, carrots & squash; & cereal mixed with melon & peaches.  They also had four more bottles of formula.

But they were still hungry.  

After the second nap, the boys had another bottle (to fatten them up!).  Then they all ate a big dinner bowl of cereal, formula, peas & sweet potatoes, and a big bowl of cereal, avocado & pears.

But they were still hungry.  And whatever big sister was helping make smelled good!!! 

So they each ate through 1 ritz cracker, 2 wagon wheels, 3 yogurt drops, 4 cereal rice puffs, and 5 chocolate chip cookie doh balls! (that last one might have been daddy).

That night, they had a stomachache!

The next day the babies woke, pooped, and felt much better.  Then they continued the day eating everything just as they did the day before.  

One of these days I will be stunned to see my five hungry little caterpillars children have turned into butterflies adults.  

And I will wonder where my little babies went.

So today, I am cherishing every moment I have with my very hungry, growing caterpillars.



  1. So cute. Glad they are eating like champs!! Ours now eat puffs VERY well and go through about 20-30 before we start spoon feeds (quad table entertainment to squelch the hungry cries, as you know). They also love those Ritz crackers, rotisserie chicken, grilled cheese sticks and yogurt melts. Hope you're doing well, Becky!

    1. Thanks, Amber! I got the ritz cracker idea from you :-). Can't wait to try the other foods too and I think I need to stock up on Cheerios or puff cereal because the finger foods x4 go very fast!

  2. Such a cute post! Amazing how much food is gone through with four babies! Time for me to add that third feed in but ahhh another round of feeding just tires me out. Love the ritz idea. Since those are Aubrey's favorite we always have them around.

  3. I am finally catching up on all my blog reading! This post is precious. You too have some good baby food mix up ideas! I'll be snagging a few of them, I think. Where do you get those wagon wheels? They look cool. I've never tried any finger foods besides puffs (Target brands is also good!), but maybe it's time to experiment some. Like Amber B. said, the puffs are a great source of entertainment while getting things ready before a spoon feed.

  4. Love the puffs! The wagon wheels are in the baby food aisle of our local grocery store. I would think you could buy them at yours... the larger size is perfect for grasping and allows for fine motor to mouth accomplishments. Some of mine still think puffs are tiny & tricky to get to the mouth (ahem, Lauren & Tyler!).