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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Fun!

(((So much to blog, so little time...!)))
Today I'm talking Spring stats, Easter, freedom & butterflies!
First, some stats on our super duper quads~
Weights & lengths at 8 months:
Hannah: 16#l, 15 oz, 2'1" long
Lauren:  17 #, 1 oz, 2'2" long
Tanner:  14# 14oz, 2'2" long
Tyler:14#, 20z, 2'1"long
Tanner has a second bottom tooth & Tyler has first bottom tooth!  The girls are still all gums but drooling like crazy.  They will get teeth soon- way to go, boys!  Everyone loves to eat now and now we have added finger puffs/teether biscuits and greek yogurt.  Hannah LOVES the finger foods, andTanner is not so sure about that yogurt stuff!  We met with a dietician this week who was concerned about Tanner's low weight.  Although he eats a lot (now), he isn't gaining like he should.  His reflux seems to be bothering him much more lately, so we are looking into silent reflux and upping his calorie intake.  Hopefully the boys can catch up with their chunky monkey sisters!

We are also in the middle of changing up the routine.  We are adding a cereal feed (3/day!) and dropping a nap (2/day).  There are still kinks to work out, but this is our tentative schedule these days:
8:00 Wake.  Cereal feed, bottle, then play
11:00 Nap #1
12:30/1:  Cereal feed, bottle, then play
3:30ish: Nap #2
5/5:30:  Cereal feed, maybe bottle, then play
7-8:00- bath (every other day), final bottle & bedtime.

I am sure it will change again real soon, nothing stays the same here very long! :)
Jenna playing with the babies 
Easter Pics
We had a lovely time celebrating Easter at my parents house.  We went to church as a whole family, but Andy was sick so he did not go celebrate Easter with us.  My in-laws came, and it was a wonderful time!  LOTS to pack up for a day away, but it was worth it!

My sister Cindy with me, Hannah & Jenna

I didn't feed one bottle the entire day-- Lovely!  Mimi, Papa, Uncle Steve & Aunt Cindy got the honors here 

Beautiful Babies!

Twirling my beautiful Jenna!
Spring Freedom
Some of you might remember the amazing story of how we got the quad runabout stroller- if not, you can read about it here.  Anyways, this last week my Aunt Nancy visited from Illinois and besides other helpful tasks, she cleaned up our strollers that have been collecting dust all winter!  We have been taking the babies on walks almost daily since then.  Sweet Freedom!!!  They love it, I love it, and since we live on a small private road, the best part is there is little traffic and even less gawkers!  

Jenna loves riding her bike while we walk.  We inevitably alway end up at our favorite neighbor's house, the Schmidts!
Jenna with some of the Schmidt girls at the public museum this last week.  She loved Spring Break because she got to see them almost every day!
A Butterfly Date
Every year since she was a baby, I have taken Jenna to see the butterflies bloom at Frederick Meijer Gardens.  It has a beautiful tropical rainforest (so warm & summery!) and every March thousands of butterflies hatch and flutter in the botanical gardens.   Jenna & I met up with friends this year and had a great date! (without babies!!!)
Jenna had at least 3 butterflies land on her!  (My sweet girl!)

Getting misted on
This post is daddy-sparse, so here is a cute pic of daddy & babies!
Life is very busy and the older the kids get, the busier I get.  Even so, I wouldn't change one. single. thing!  Every day I still thank God so much for this family and these 5 children.  I am in awe of what He has chosen to bless me with!  

Just look-- all around there are blessings abundantly!  

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some Spring Blessings too!


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