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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

9 Months Old!

As Spring shouts its symphony of showers, Jenna & our garden of babies thrive & grow- I can't believe they are 9 months old now!

Their gestational age is 61/2, and these babies are so much fun!  They are learning to sit unsupported, they officially have "found" each other and laugh and grab at one another all the time, they love to eat and are trying new foods & textures often, they are rolling and reaching and getting around like CRAZY, and we (Jenna included, of course!) have a hoot with them!
Play time!

After the babies eat dinner I often put them in a "4-square".  If it's a bath night, they go straight to the bathtub from here.  If it's not, we let them watch us play Candyland :-)

Jenna & Lauren playing before bedtime

Jenna continues to be a great big sister.  She is nearing the end of pre-school and (snif snif) is VERY excited and ready for Kindergarten next year.  She loves to play outside and insists that short sleeves, capris, flip-flops & no jacket are just perfect to wear for a sunny 45 degree day.  I am always telling her to add layers and she politely tries to argue, "But mom... I am a warm-blooded girl, remember?" She is very good at riding her bike and I predict those training wheels will be off very soon.  Oh, and she loves worms.  She is such a girly tomboy!

Hannah got a bottom tooth this weekend and is the only one so far who can sit unsupported well.  She is starting to get her belly off the ground so crawling will be soon!  She LOVES to eat finger foods, and the wagon wheel puffs are her fahvorite.  Hannah has taken to growling (yes, growling) just for the heck of it.  She is very curious, very social, very intense (meaning very happy or very angry!) and very adorable.

Going for a walk!  Hannah protests loudly when waiting too long for anything (she thinks she is an only child) so we always load her last.  Since we load the back seat last to prevent tipping, she always sits in the back.
"Of course I am a princess- see?"
"Ooooh....Lauren, beautiful hair bow!"
Lauren does not have any teeth yet but I think one will break in a day or two.  She can sit unsupported about a half minute and laughs the best deep, hearty belly "HA HA!".  She doles out that laugh for things like when I lay on my back and use her as a weight for ab & triceps exercises, when I kiss her neck, and when I lotion & squeeze her feet to name a few.  Lauren loves to nap & has an overall happy demeanor.  Several occasions I have had 4 (yes, 4) crying and upset children for whatever reason (not naming any names...) but I can count on Lauren to give me the happy smile I need to get me through that moment.  Every time this happens I kiss her and whisper a, "thank you, sweet girl" in her ear.  Lauren rolls and shimmies and scootches like a ninja.  Yesterday I put her on her belly on the living room floor by Hannah.  I went to the computer for a couple minutes to upload photos & edit them, and then I checked on the babies.  No lie- Lauren had moved about 20 feet.  Yikes!  Time to put up the kiddie corral!!!  Here is a picture:

She was so proud of herself!
"Mom, Tanner & I will help you fold laundry if you give us another ride!"
 Tanner is such a big boy!  He has two bottom teeth and is enjoying eating and even drinks from a sippy cup now when it's offered.  He also is starting to like finger foods like wagon wheel puffs.  His doctor & I have been trying to figure out the best medicine for Tanner since we suspected silent reflux,  and I finally think we have it under control.  Tanner was getting to where he would arch his neck and back when laying on his back and sleeping in the crib was HORRIBLE.  I actually pulled out the old rock-n-play for a while, until one nap I was watching him on the video monitor try to settle down and I witnessed him standing in it and pushing his whole upper body up and over the head of it.  I ran to him faster than you can say "head trauma" and decided hearing him scream and moan in a propped up crib was way better than a visit to the ER.  Thankfully with an upped dose of Prevacid and repetition with the crib, he is falling asleep better.  I just hate it when any of my kids are in pain!
Sandwiched by his sisters!
Someone needs some prune juice.  Or privacy.
Arching his back in discomfort.  Poor little buddy!

Play time with daddy!
Tyler is growing like a weed and is just the smiliest boy!  He actually sat without support today for about 20 seconds, but he still needs support.  He has 2 bottom teeth just like his brother and is starting to protest naps & arch a little bit so I am on high alert to see if he possibly has silent reflux, too.  He is still on medicine for reflux (Tagamet, like Zantac but orange flavored instead of peppermint) so we shall see.  He tolerates new food better than Tanner but when I tried yogurt puffs the other day, he puked something awful.  I got it on video if you want to see... but I am warning you, it's gross!  Tyler is still a little peanut but is gaining every day and has some pretty sweet motor skills for being so teeny.

What a happy, handsome little man!

After a walk.  Tyler is #2; Poor Tanner (#3) is sleeping in the most uncomfortable position!

"For thou, O Spring!  canst renovate
All that High God did first create."  
Ralph Waldo Emerson, May-Day

Wild Flowers Blooming--- Happy Spring!!!



  1. I love how everyone is progressing. As usual, your crew is a lot like mine! I asked casey about the runabout tipping and apparently it just is that way (sigh).
    What are wagon wheel puffs? Are they just puffs or something different? We loveeeeee puffs! Yay for a proficient sippy cup user. We try everyday, but so far no one gets it. Any sippy tips?

  2. Great progress all around! Glad y'all are doing well!

  3. Great update! When summer arrives and I stop my insane work schedule, I am coming to visit you and bring a meal or two :-) That was some puking btw :-)