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Monday, March 7, 2016

Cure for the Winter Blues

Before we had kids, I remember the month of February feeling like the longest month of the year (despite having the least amount of days).  The cold winter days seemed to be filled with gray, sunless days, cold snow storms, and post-Christmas bleh.  

I can honestly say that since becoming a mom, and definitely the past 3 years, February flutters as fast as July!  Of course, it helps to have 5 eager, happy young things as a cure for the Winter Blues.
 Helping mommy shell edamame for dinner
Making Edible Face Snacks with Grandma

Playing outside in the snow.  We had 3 snow days this month!

 They dress up like superheroes and princesses every day!

Tyler and his beloved Doggie.  Hannah the Dental Floss Queen.
Wacky Hair Day at School!
Wacky Preschoolers at School!
Of course, it helped that Andy and I started the month of February in Mexico.  And, then the following weekend we saw Disney On Ice! with the kids, a Christmas gift from Grandma & Grandpa.

And then there was Valentine's Day...
I took the "easy" route for valentines this year, by making printed cards instead of writing everyone's name 48+ times.  I think next year I will have the kids start making the valentines cards right after Halloween!
The favorite part was opening up the bag of valentines after the class party.  The kids had a blast!

We did have a few sicknesses here and there...

But for the most part we have kept healthy and busy!

Another cure for the Winter Blues = gymnastics.  The kids and I participate in a preschool gymnastics class (and grandma & grandpa often help out for extra hands).  Grandpa takes Jenna to gymnastics on Saturday mornings too, and then they both have a little brunch or doughnut date after class.

 So our cure for the Winter blues?  It's staying busy & having FUN!

Maybe for you, the only cure for the Winter Blues is the end of that cold season.  No worries!  As I type this, the forecast for tomorrow is a sunny 60 degrees.  Bring it on, Michigan!  

If that's not a cure, I don't know what is. 



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  1. I love this little winter recap! Come on, spring :) I can't wait to meet your little monkeys.