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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Parent Siesta

Mexico.  Mexico.  Beautiful, peaceful, warm, {kidless} Mexico.

And WE were THERE last week.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

 Thanks to some pretty amazing grandparents, Andy & I had the opportunity to leave home for 5 days and travel to warm, sunny Mexico.  We stayed at the same all-inclusive resort as two years ago, and traveled with the same friends, Joe & Stephanie.  

In the meantime, Grandma & Grandpa, Mimi & Grandpa Ted rolled up their sleeves and took turns running the house and taking care of the kids.  We have the most amazing parents!!!!! I am sure it was exhausting, but they did great in our absence.  When Andy & I returned home the kids kept asking when they could see the grandparents again, so obviously they were well taken care of (and maybe slightly spoiled)!

The resort had the most amazing food and variety of restaurants.  The pool was inviting, the drinks were fruity and fun, the company was wonderful, and did I mention it was an adult-only, kidless resort?  I could go on and on, but then you might get jealous and I would get sad because I'm not there anymore so let me stop gushing about it.  But-- oh, the trip was ahh-may-zing.  

Our days were very busy.  Lounging by the pool is hard work. 

Our evenings were jam packed.  Picking out a perfectly balanced 4-course meal each dinner is not for the faint of heart.

Andy brought some of his favorite summer shirts along.
They include: "BLINK IF YOU WANT ME"; "BEEF CAKE"; and his favorite, "I POOPED TODAY".
He cracks himself up.  

Stephanie and I had a very ambitious goal of taste testing a list of The Top 30 Resort Drinks she found online.  
Research.  Lots and lots of research.

 We had a blast.  If nothing else, this trip was a therapeutically refreshing, relaxing, spirit-filled, laughter-centered, adults-only marriage revival.  It was so nice to un-plug, de-stress, and spend time in a tropical paradise for a few days with my handsome hubby and some good friends.

 One of the more difficult challenges of the trip was getting the men to smile and not be silly for the camera.  You have no idea how many out-takes we took!
 Both Stephanie and I are saying, "Will you PLEASE just take a normal picture this time???"

One of the evenings we went dancing after dinner.  We danced like we did in college, until almost 2 am!  Andy and I felt like we were 21 again, but without all the dating drama- 
How fun and refreshing it was to be flirting and dancing with your spouse of 12 years all night long!

Remember what I said about Andy rarely taking normal photos?  

At least after 12 years he still makes me laugh.
Even when he's driving me bonkers.
Hasta la vista, Baby!

The next post I promise to have pictures of our five kiddos, but this one is just us adults and our amazing opportunity to go on a Parent Siesta this Winter.  Thanks again, grandparents!!!



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