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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Expo, Eggs & Easter

Last weekend was fun!  Not only were we able to celebrate Easter on Sunday, but we also enjoyed going to a local expo on Saturday where Andy had a booth promoting his tree business, Oak Meadow Tree Service.  

As you can see, Andy kept things on the up & up!
He had 2 climbers join him at the Expo- 
Vince, an amazing worker and climber, and Jenna, apprentice-in-training!

The Expo was full of local vendors.  I brought the four littles along and they did awesome walking from vendor to vendor with me.  They also loved that daddy was there working, and loved the entertainment that "big sissy" and Mr. Vince provided.

Lauren, Tanner, Tyler & Hannah all petting a baby kangaroo.
We celebrated Easter Sunday with one of my favorite traditions, Resurrection Eggs.  It tells the story of Easter, with each egg revealing a piece of the story of Christ's betrayal, death, and resurrection.  

These actually held the attention of all 5!  While chocolate and bunnies are fun, I believe sharing the real meaning behind the Easter celebration is extremely important.   It is a sobering reminder but critical when understanding all Jesus did for our sins.  After that, and to celebrate Christ's resurrection, we gave each child his or her own basket of goodies.  Of course, that was exciting for all!

Slinky's, coloring books, chalk, bubbles, puzzles, and candy were some of the fun items.

After baskets & a yummy breakfast, we went to church and Andy's dad and brother joined us.  The message on resurrection was amazing and if you are at all curious about why Pastor Jeff says there is no need to have a bucket list, watch the sermon here.

After Church we went to grandpa & grandma's house for dinner.  It was a beautiful, sunny Easter day with some spiffy looking kiddos!

Grandma & grandpa had an Easter Egg hunt in the house and the kids were on a sugar-rush high by the end of it!

Tanner proudly showing us another egg he found
Hannah examining the contents before placing it in her basket

Grandma helping the kids find hidden loot
Tyler sampling as he goes along
Tanner too
Hannah too

Lauren too

Mimi & Papa with (L-R) Hannah, Lauren, Jenna, Tyler & Tanner

Grandma & Grandpa with (L-R) Tyler, Tanner, Lauren, Hannah & Jenna

And one final fun celebration, this past week the family had dinner celebrating Grandpa Ted's 75th Birthday!

Hugs! (like Tanner is with cousin Julia)


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