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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Snow 2 Ways

There is SUNSHINE in the Mitten!!!  Temps are above 30 degrees!!!  
This is good news.  Welcome, March!  I love the promise of Spring.

The last time I took the quads outside to play must have been before Christmas.  It is just too much work to gear everyone up since they like to undress as fast as I dress them.  That, and temps have been way too cold.  But with the promise of Spring around the corner and the warmer temps, this weekend I took them outside to play.  With a little help from Jenna and our neighbors, everyone had a blast and we played outside over an hour!

~Tyler & Tanner~
~Hannah & Lauren~
Well, at least I got 4/5 in the sled.  I pulled Jenna, Lauren, Hannah & Tanner until I ran out of steam, it was a heavy sled!
Jenna pulling Lauren, who liked laying down more than sitting up apparently!

After lunch and naps, the kids were begging to go outside and play in the snow again.  I didn't want to gear everyone up again since I had to start dinner soon, so I did the next best thing.  My friend and fellow quad-mama Amber just wrote in her "Four to Adore" blog about her snow adventures in TEXAS and how her kiddos played with snow inside.  I love this option, so that is what we did!
The kids were occupied over an hour playing inside with snow!

Tyler, Tanner, Hannah & Lauren were thrilled when I dumped the cold spread onto the table
Dig in, kiddos!  I threw in a few of our toy kitchen gadgets which worked out perfect with the snow

Tyler kept on telling me how cold it was

Lauren making a snow cup cake
Tyler dumping snow on the floor...
...and then politely cleaning it up
"Tee hee hee.... a mess mom is letting me make!"
Even Jenna had a blast playing with snow inside
A double-snow-winner of a day!
When's the last time YOU played in snow???



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  1. Aww, glad you got to enjoy the snow both ways. The kitchen gadgets in the snow was brilliant! If we ever get snow in Texas again, I'll do that too. :)