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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snips & Cuts

The other day I was at the dollar store and saw scissors... was it time to introduce them???  I snatched four and decided I could always wait for a good opportunity.

Well, this afternoon, much to my chagrin Andy declared he was taking the boys for an outing--- to get their hair cut.  Mohawks, specifically (or as Jenna calls it, a 'Mowhog').  While I am not a fan of the hair style, it's only hair and I think it was time for some male bonding!
Tanner & Tyler before...

Tanner & Tyler AFTER
The girls were very upset Andy was not taking them with, so I asked Lauren & Hannah if they wanted to do something special.  It was time for scissors!

Hannah held her scissors surprisingly well!
Lauren loved trying to cut snips of paper!
I thank God all the time that He guided me to becoming a pediatric OT- a job I LOVE- and one that continually comes in handy with my kiddos.  Scissors skills were something I use to do all the time with my students, and my girls are mature enough to try it.  My boys?  They're not there yet.
We practiced snipping strips of paper & straws to make Cut Up Junk Soup while I did hand over hand practice to teach them the proper scissors grasp (thumbs up, elbow down, scissors pointed out).

We had fun, and the boys look... ummm.... like boys!
Manly "Mowhog" boys Tyler & Tanner



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