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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Thawww

Are you enjoying a Grand Thaw like we are???
A few weeks ago I was telling Jenna about the expression, "March comes in like a lion & out like a lamb." 

It was early March.  Michigan was still in a deep freeze and toting lots of snow-- I felt kind of ridiculous telling her how nice this month would become and secretly wondered if it truly would.

But- it has!!!  God is always so faithful with the promise and fulfillment of new seasons- Every.  Single.  Time!  Spring always reminds me that even during the harshest of seasons, there is always hope of better days.  
It's nature's way of showing hope revealed.  
So we are enjoying these better days, quite literally!

Enjoying warm(er) weather from our NEW DECK!

Hannah tries on Jenna's Rain boots
They are a little big, but they help her do a mean bear walk!
Tyler and Lauren discover BIKES!!!
I think we will need a few more of these.
Tyler & Tanner in the playhouse
Silly wet girls having a blast standing under the constant drip of water from our gutters.
Tanner playing with toys that were buried under snow.
Jenna just loves getting up in the trees just like Daddy!  

We are SO GLAD the weather is getting warmer--

because being stuck inside really BLOWS :-)

Hope you are enjoying longer days, 
sunshine, green sprigs & promises 
of a new Season!



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