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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mom & Dad Away, Grandparents Play!

Andy & I technically celebrated our 10 year anniversary on January 3 this year, but we really celebrated this past week when we took a highly anticipated anniversary vacation- a wonderful 5 day, 4 night getaway in Mexico!  We stayed at a beautiful, all-inclusive, adults only resort and even went with the good company of our friends Joe & Stephanie.  We enjoyed every minute!!!

It was, in a word, Paradise.  
And very, very needed for our marriage, our sanity, and yes, our sun-deprived bodies.  


But- no worries- we did not leave the kids without ample care!  All four grandparents took great care of the troops and kept them fed, loved, clean and happy.  Our five little monkeys kept our parents on their toes, but (they said) they really enjoyed all that time with the grandkids.  How awesome are they?!?

We are soooooo thankful for such amazing grandparents that live close and are a huge part of our children's lives.  Thank you a million times over, Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi & Papa!
 Returning back home was a rude awakening, first to the lovely Polar Vortex Land (this picture is us flying over Lake Michigan, as we descend into Chicago- I think I heard it was/is 92% frozen over!!!)
It was utterly fantastic seeing our 5 kiddos again, but the day after our return I got sick with what seems to be the nastiest flu ever.  And then Hannah threw up the following night.  And now Andy is sick.  And the other kids are threatening to get sick, and I am still not fully recovered.   But enough about that.  It was still worth it!  

So Andy and I are singing, "Back to life, back to reality" and waiting for Spring just as much as you are.  It was wonderful while it lasted, but even with us all sick, it's good to be home.  

Well, at least that's what I keep telling myself.



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