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Sunday, February 9, 2014

18 month updates!

Last week my mom & I took the quads to their 18 month update.  
Before I get to that, however, an update on our very amazing 5 1/2 year old Jenna!   
~Lost her first TOOTH!  Other bottom one is loose too...
~Likes going to Kindergarten and is really blossoming in her reading & writing abilities.  
~Jenna's favorite part of school: ipad choice time....
Where she gets to play Temple Run (and is darn good at it).
~Is 46" tall, 45 lbs, and in size 6 clothes.  She will be taller than me someday!
Is smart, fun, kind, creative, and totally our Jenna JOY.

(by the way- diaper boxes + duct tape = THE BEST wagons!)

Lauren Faith
 ~ Is curious, happy, sweet, cuddly, quiet but sneaky
~LOVES reading books, having you read books to her, and Lauren can jibber jabber away in full paragraphs
~Is 2' 9" tall, 23# 11oz, in size 4 diapers & 18-24 month clothes
~Can say several words, likes to dance, and loves her sisters (except when a sister tries to use her as a ladder)

Tyler Allen

~Is our little monkey boy who loves to climb, bang, crash, wiggle, squirm & fall backwards in your arms or into the ball pit
~Loves to snuggle (when he wants to, of course) and LOVES chewing on his small stuffed dogs' legs when he sleeps
~Is 2' 7.5" tall, 20# 7oz, in size 4 diapers & 12-18 month clothes
~Hates getting his teeth brushed or diaper changed (& is very opinionated about his dislikes!)
~Is starting to communicate with some words, and is very curious about how things work and what sorts of things he can get into

Tanner Andrew
~Is sweet, a cuddlebug, curious, calm and easygoing but still a motor-seeking, climbing, banging boy!
~Is starting to talk, loves making noise, climbing, swinging, moving, figuring out how things work & playing in the ball pit
~Is 2' 8.5" tall, 21# 6oz, in size 4 diapers & 18 month clothes
~Has a kind heart and loves mommy, daddy and siblings.  When he sees Andy & I he smiles SO BIG and raises his arms.  My heart!

 Hannah Grace

~Our diva, has intense emotions (so, so happy or so, so angry!), is sweet, curious, smart, and full of laughter and giggles (mostly)
~Loves to imitate sounds, words & motions, loves to learn, is curious about life, loves playing with her sisters, is starting to "test the boundaries" more than anyone else...
~Is 2' 9" tall, 23# 14 oz, in size 4 diapers & 18-24 m. clothes
~Is very verbal and can communicate very well with us, seems to have a very strong personality (she reminds me a lot of Jenna and how Jenna was at that age), and has the best joyful laugh 

All looks good, everyone is "on the charts" according to the doctor.  He is very pleased with how everyone is doing!  The kids are happy, healthy, and thriving.  Life is so amazingly busy 
but man, 
God is good.



  1. The picture of Andy running through the snow with Jenna needs to be blown up and framed. So much joy in that picture. Duct tape works great for wagons but doesn't appear to be strong enough on plates against Tyler! God really is amazing.

  2. Haha Krista, I was wondering if anyone would see that I was trying to duct tape plates down! Only another desperate quad-mama would understand and notice ;)

  3. And by "desperate", I mean desperate to keep our kids' plates from turning into frisbee's, lol!