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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Driving down our country road, the rows of bright sunflowers have turned into stoic blank brown faces staring at their toes.  Orange pumpkins peek out from underneath their foliage.  Days are sunny & warm, but nights are cold and crisp.


Jenna has started Kindergarten and the verdict is still out whether she likes it or not.... there is so much newness and the all-day, every-day schedule is so different from the free-play of summertime!  I hope & pray she grows to like it.  After all, she will need to be in school for at least 13 more years!!!
First Day of Kindergarten!!! (yes, she got to bring her beloved purple bunny!)

Me crying the moment the bus turned the corner.  It was such an unexpected emotion!

The babies are so much fun!  Life is crazy and busy and they are all so full of life.  Hannah walks everywhere and Lauren is taking cautious steps.  The boys cruise and EVERYONE climbs.  They play hard & sleep harder.  Life is good, but it is impossible getting a photo of everyone these days!

These peanuts crack me up.  A whole play area to play in and everyone LOVES playing underneath this end table.

The quaddlers "helping" me fold laundry
Silly Tanner put my shirt on over his head!
Last week our boys also came down with a common virus.  Both boys got a high fever one day, then some spots over their body.  Tanner's faded after a day, but Tyler's looked so bad I took him to the doctor.  He is fine now, but the doctor was amazed the girls never got anything!!!
My poor buddy was so uncomfortable for several days.  Extra cuddles for Tyler!
 I have worked 2 weeks now and I really love the work I will be doing this year.  Getting out for a day and a half of work is a refreshing change for me and I like feeling productive at work!  


We TOTALLY have a country girl.  A frog, a box turtle, and taking care of her "pet" below...

And this one might get me some disapproving comments but we live in the country and Daddy is a very responsible person who started teaching our girl safety protocols regarding guns this weekend.

Jenna liked shooting the .22, and Daddy loved being able to instruct her properly.
... but if you thought Jenna was a tomboy, rest assured she is a very well-rounded little girl.  
Here she was at a friend's birthday party the same weekend...

So what September moments are you loving these days?!?




  1. Oh kinderarten! I can't imagine the emotions that brings, especially when the bus comes to pick them up for the first time. I'm sure Jenna will grow to love school and learning, in time. Love the term "quaddlers" totally stealing that one. Oh the climbing! It's pandemic around here. I've never been a gun person, but I think it's great that Andy can teach Jenna proper use so she respects them. I'm sure George will do the same.

  2. Love all the pics! The one of you in tears after the bus left is super sweet. Get ready to rumble! My kiddos are everywhere and are now trying to climb to the tippy top of recliners, boxes, anything. And they're running all the time! Loved Jenna learning to shoot too, we are a gun-toting family for sure and have our CSL's so that'll be something we instill in our crew as well. Happy September!

  3. Finally getting around to catching up on all my favorite blogs! Such mixed emotions with our Kindergartners. At one moment it is nice having them away for a couple of hours but then I am so sad that they are away from me more than home. My girls love it though and hate the weekends! Their teacher is amazing and when they came home knowing the pledge of allegiance two weeks after school started I know they are absorbing and loving every second of it. We are struggling with Aubrey though because she is so exhausted mentally when she comes home. She is a bear to everyone once she gets home because she is so tired. Wasn't expecting that and hoping it gets better. Hoping Jenna is loving her time at school. And still can't understand how our babies are moving all around. So much fun but they wear me out too!!

  4. Oh Krista, I hope Aubrey acclimates to it over time! Jenna is also exhausted when she comes home and if she doesn't get a good protein snack pronto, she turns into a bear too :). Oh, and the business of the kids... sometimes I literally feel like a cowboy herding cattle!!! Enjoy settling into the new house!