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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Feeding Evolution

Yes, I said "Evolution"-- because as the babies have gotten more use to spoon feeds, they have evolved into four very good eaters!  Even with the babies sick this week, apparently their appetites were not affected.  Check out our new spoon feeding system:
My mom demonstrating how easy it is to feed the babies in their big-kid, cheap, IKEA-stackable high-chairs!
The "old system"- at first, the bumbo's gave them better trunk support but this system was obsolete for many reasons.  First, it was harder for other people to feed them on the floor like this.  Second, we were not on eye-to-eye level so I often would have to "help" a baby look up at me.  Andy recorded it one day- it looked like I was shoving their foreheads up with my hand!  NOT good.  I love our new system, and so do babies!

Hannah:  meet spoon.

Our Happy Man Tyler!

Surprise Surprise!  Tanner realizes he really likes food!

Lauren often will make a "whoo, whoo" sound when she wants more (basically the moment right after I feed her a bite!).  Hannah will often spit angrily as she waits for another bite (today I have green speckles all over my right arm due to this form of communication).  Those hungry girls!
The babies like just about everything they eat!  They still take a bottle in the morning, spoon feeds prior to our noon and 4 pm bottles, and a bottle before bed.  They all share one spoon & bowl.  Every feed consists of a large bowl of a veggie mixed with cereal, followed by a large bowl of  a fruit mixed with cereal. Today for the first feed they had oatmeal, carrots w/cinnamon, & wheat with an apple-banana-strawberry-prune blend; for the second meal, they had rice and green beans w/garlic salt (just a dash) & oatmeal, avocado + pears for the second.  Yum yum!  
Thankfully, everyone seems to be (mostly) over that darn cold.  I spent all last night sanitizing every single baby item used currently in this house.  I bleached all the toys and washed all the washable ones, blankets and sheets.  Be GONE, nasty germs!
Some of the toys, squeaky clean!
Here's to good health for everyone!

Sisters sharing secrets.  I love how comfortable they all are with each other!

Play time!

Tyler wishes everyone a fun & safe St. Patrick's Day!



  1. I hope they are over it too! We are still in the midst of colds with our crew but getting better. Love their play time pic!

  2. Those stackable high chairs look nifty! Anything that stacks is a winner in multiples land. I'm sure your back likes the new set up as well. Feeding on the floor is a real trick. We used the super seats as booster chairs at my mom's house yesterday and they worked great! We ended up selling the Bumbo chairs on Craigslist because Sydney and Mason could tip them. I only wish I knew about the Super Seats long ago. I spy a few silicone bibs. How do you like them? I just love rinsing them off and not dumping baby food in the washing machine.
    So happy all babies are well again! Yay! Oh that playtime pick with all the contraptions is hysterical. I go batty with so many so we're down to three things in the den: jumparoo, saucer, and swing.