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Monday, March 11, 2013


With March coming in so mild I thought we were in the clear in terms of health... but not so!

Head cold, here we are.  Sneezing, coughing, fevers, stuffy nose, general unhappiness... yup.  All 5 kids!  The kicker is, my mom and Andy's mom are out of town this week, so Andy & I are in the trenches together.  Well, they are our kids, so I think we can make it!!! ;-)

Last night was a doozy- a baby would howl and cry and we would attend to that one and as soon as we were almost asleep another would howl.  Around the middle of the night I remembered we have a vaporizer, which is happily puffing away in the baby room today.  We also propped up 2 cribs and have 2 others in the rock n plays.  Despite that, Tyler was mostly in my arms all night long.  Just crying and stuffy and hot and feeling terrible.  If Andy or I got 3 hours sleep, that's saying a lot.

So, here are our 5 babies right now!  Pray it is a fast cold that everyone recovers from... fast!

Tyler with some of our sick baby tools:  saline drops, vics vapor rub, nose sucker (Nose Frida), a thermometer...  poor boy!
Poor Tanner!
Sweet Lauren may look happy, but trust me those glassy eyes and stuffy nose are not fun!
"Oh, the humanity!!!"

Hannah in between howls.  Poor girl is so stuffed up!

And this is what Jenna looks like with a fever and stuffy nose.

She is so bored!  Jenna requested we add this photo to the blog.

Jenna loving on Hannah

Praying we all get better soon!



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  1. OhhhBecky, so sorry you are all sick :/. Hope you are getting better. The picture of sick Jenna is priceless! If only everyone could handle being sick as well as her!