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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A normal day

Hello!  Thankfully everyone is healthy again- Praise Jesus!  As Spring approaches, I simply can't wait until the snow melts & we can start going on walks.  We  might be healthy, but I am getting a case of Spring Fever!

Until then, life rushes on like usual.  Here's snapshots from a normal day at our house right now.
The schedule, on a white board by the entrance (yes, right above the bottle of sanitizer).  Predictability is a good friend when you have 5 kids!

Totally normal, everyday stuff here.  Getting the babies dressed in the morning after their morning bottle.  They are only awake about 90-120 minutes before they take their first nap.
Our sweet Hannah Grace!  She is quite the roller girl lately and will roll all over the place in no time!  She often gets stuck under toys, and strangely she is just fine when she does--  a very curious girl!
Jenna entertaining the babies
Jenna can build great towers with her Wedgits-- Hannah looks downright impressed.
Tanner getting a ride: the easiest way to carry babies and do laundry at the same time.  I do at least 2-4 loads of laundry every day.  And with all the mess from solids, that is increasing!

Post-morning nap: time to eat for the noon cereal feed!

Feeding wise, this still is what works best right now.  Twice a day before the noon & 4 pm bottles they get a fruit & veggie mixed with cereal.  It's rather messy, but they are getting the hang of it!  Even Tanner seems to swallow some spoonfuls here and there (but he spits his fair share back out, too!)
Play time after lunch.  Hannah apparently trying to roll onto Tyler

Handsome boys!  The kids play a bit and then go down for an afternoon nap.  Then they wake up, eat cereal & bottles, play again, and go down around 6 pm for a shorter early evening nap

Lauren holding Hannah's hand
Hello, Birdie!

The boys admiring the toys

Bright eyed Tyler & the girls
My mom doing double-duty with the boys!  Bringing them upstairs after the last nap
Waiting for bedtime bottles

The easiest way to feed all 4 at the same time- quite the luxury with 3 adults!  Most of the time during the day I am the only one feeding the babies so it takes longer.  I have found with them getting bigger and more wiggly, it is much more efficient to feed 2/time instead of all 4 with bottle props. 
Sleepy Lauren after a day filled with play
Whew!  For my sanity, I pick up the living room every night (that is, what I can- the big toys stay).  In the morning we will do it all again, but it sure is nice to see some carpet!

And in a nutshell, that's the babies day!  How bout yours?


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  1. Our day looks quite a lot like that! Only difference is we have a 2 pm bottle and a 5 pm spoon w/o bottle. Your whiteboard is awesome! The Tag Eliminator aka George would never let me have one though

    I love picking up the den at the end of the day too! Now that Mason rolls over, we can't put him in bouncers or rnp so that stuff will be headed out soon!