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Friday, January 11, 2013

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.... my life sometimes feels redundant, but at the same time I know how important it is raising my crew!  I love Andy, Jenna & the babies so much... every night I kiss them goodnight, and whispering prayers of gratitude for them... but the days are busy busy busy and at the end of the day, my list of "to do's" somehow only gets longer.  Sigh... there's always tomorrow, right?

Pajama party!  Give yourself a cookie if you name all 4 correctly.
Jenna started back to school this week which is great because she was getting way bored at home.  We had several play dates over the break, but I am jumping for joy happy for her that school started again.  She did, however, play very well with the babies over the break!
Jenna playing with the quads over break
Tummy time!
Babies are definitely growing!  They have officially moved to 3-6 month clothing, and are in size 1/2 diapers (Lauren is a firm 2).  Once these 1/2's are done, we will go to all 2's (maybe not Tyler... he can fit into 1's still).  Tyler also still fits 3 month clothes but he is catching up & different sizes are more work, so those are on their last wear.  Out with the old, in with the new!!!
Bins of outgrown clothes to donate/get rid of
Also, everyone is sleeping in their bedroom exclusively.  The first few months the babies were still pretty much in newborn mode, and so we set up the cribs in our living room to tend to them the best.  Our home is set-up with the master bedroom on the main floor and the kids rooms (2) on the lower level, and we did not want to walk up & down those stairs any more than we had to at first!  Then, about 4 weeks ago they became more aware of their surroundings and we decided it was time to move.  I had them sleeping at least one nap in their room all along to get use to it, so when we finally made the switch it was seamless and everyone is happier!  Big kids!  (now I gotta finish decorating it... the room is pretty much bare bones right now!).
Yes, only 3 cribs.  We have a 4th in waiting once we need it :-)
I have a few (very) little changes that have helped me out immensely.  First, I know it sounds weird, but I am SO happy I bought a Pampered Chef Family Pitcher!  I just dump and mix once now instead of 4 fills with my ol' Dr. Browns pitchers.  It works great and cuts down on my evening 20-bottle prep by about 10 minutes!
Doing the math for the water/formula ratio was the hardest.  Math is NOT my strength.
Second thing that helps me immensely are easy crock-pot recipes my Quad-moms and I are exchanging, along with the best invention in history: crock pot liners.  Like I said, it's the little things...

The babies are almost 6 months (I can't believe this!!!) and I will do a post soon about how well they are doing.  Until then, some fun pics of our happy and healthy crew!

Lauren getting better at Bumbo time and trunk strength
Brothers discussing worldly issues like spit up and toy preferences

iPad's make tummy time so much more fun

Play time with daddy

Jenna comforting Tyler

The girls discussing worldly things like the pros/cons of hair bows & favorite sleeper colors
Happy Tyler!

Hannah is placing EVERYTHING in her mouth.  Teeth soon?!?
My handsome Tanner (& Hannah!)
Rub a dub dub!  Time for some grub!




  1. Love all the pics Becky! Especially the one of daddy with the babies and Jenna playing with them so well. we are about to dig into our frozen dinner stash and I need to get some of those crockpot liners!!

  2. Love how everyone is growing so BIG and cute! Jenna is so sweet playing with them, but I bet she likes four year olds better. Harper is like Lauren in the size 2's. We are cramming everyone else into 1's because we still have boxes of them we'd rather not exchange. We moved up clothes too, but Sydney is still in 3 months and it's a pain. George has an easy way to mix formula (well as easy as mixing CANS of formula gets). I'll have to send you his directions. =) HUGS from Texas!

  3. Oh my goodness. I have not gotten to stop by in a while and today I saw you had a post and had to stop by. Wow. They have gotten so big. The look adorable and I remember all the work with my twins. So I am sure that you well at least ten times busier. LOL.

    Love the fact that you are making things easier for you. Finding ways to save time add up. And at the end of the day can help to keep you from feeling like a) your are missing something and b) like you just want to yank your hair out because you can get to it all.

    Love the photos. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun.

  4. We really are all living each others life!! I totally get the jumping for joy that Jenna is back in school. We would totally love to have Jenna over for a play date whenever it works for you. We have moved to 1-2's are have one more opened box of Costco diapers and once they are gone all are getting moved to 2's. We also have the pampered chef pitcher but so far I just use the protein shakers to mix formula. Oh and Kenzie can still fit into nb. The girl just doesn't want to chub up! The babes look so good and I think that is one of the first picture of your Andy I have seen!