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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review

We have no idea what the next year will bring.
As a New Year starts, we are often full of promise and hope.
When the year 2012 started, I had no idea the crazy journey God had planned for us.

Some years are better than others... for me, my 2010 was a very bad year.  Still, in that terrible year, I learned to rely on God's provisions and promises more than I ever had before.  I clutched onto Him & His word, including Romans 15:13:  "May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you put your Trust in Him, so that you may overflow with the Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

As the year 2012 closes and a New Year arrives, I celebrate all that God has given us this year.  He has indeed blessed our family over-abundantly.  All the glory and blessings can only go to Him and Him alone.
Praising you, Father, for the gifts of 2012!

And now, a recap of our crazy, Multiples Journey of 2012.

Andy & I decided to try one last round of fertility treatment (IUI) before going to other options.  We were praying about what to do and trusted God would lead us.  When I went in for my consultation at the fertility clinic the nurse surprised me with finding FREE samples of the fertility med I needed: a $1700 value!!!!  She gave it to me with a smile and a "Merry Christmas!".  Merry, indeed!
My "8 week" photo.  I was starting to get a belly already and we knew we had four babies in there, having found out at just 6 weeks along.  I was a little in denial the first few weeks, especially knowing the odds were against us of bringing four healthy babies into the world & knowing the complications of multiples.  Then I kind of vacillated between elation and panic.  Slowly I learned to embrace the crazy idea of FOUR BABIES ALL AT ONCE!!!!
Our first view of all babies at once!  "A" was Lauren, "B" was Hannah, "C" was Tyler  and "D" was Tanner.  FYI, the alphabetical labels change when born to ABC order of who is born first.
On vacation in Florida... our last family vacation for a long time, I bet!
Then I grew... and grew... and grew... and grew...and grew......

This photo was taken the day before we went to the hospital to deliver.
We made the difficult decision of getting rid of our beloved dogs... it was sad, but they were adopted by a good friend & her husband.   Right now Scout & Oxford are getting spoiled & loved on lots more than we could ever do!  

It was a very good decision to adopt Oxford & Scout out, but at the time so hard on this hormonal momma!

Meantime, all four of our babies were growing wonderfully!  When I was 28 weeks pregnant (and super huge, basically incapacitated & really uncomfortable!), we found out that Tyler's umbilical cord to the placenta was not good and he was loosing oxygen and nutrients.  We needed to make the decision to stay pregnant which would put him in serious danger, or give birth early at 28 1/2 weeks and pray for the best.  To us, it was a no-brainer.  "All four one, and one four all" was our solid consensus.
Jenna celebrates her 4th birthday
Taken at Jenna's birthday party, celebrated a weekend early.  We would have the babies  the day before Jenna's actual birthday, only 2 days after this last family photo of 3 was taken!
Some of the huge crew on the day of babies' arrival, July 17, 2012
Lauren Faith Niemeyer (Baby A)
Tyler Allen Niemeyer (Baby B)
Tanner Andrew Niemeyer (Baby C) 
Hannah Grace Niemeyer (Baby D) 
Proud big sis! 
Celebrating Jenna's 4th Birthday, July 18, 2012, in the NICU with other families
My first time holding one of my babies!  I had the honor of holding Hannah 
Andy's first time holding a baby:  Tanner had the honor!
My sweet little Tyler, 1 week old
Lauren holding mommy's hand

Tanner stretching out
This was our life for a while!
Beautiful Hannah sleeping

Sweet Lauren saying "Hi"
The babies grew healthier and stronger each day.  The number of people praying for us was overwhelming!
Daddy earned bragging rights to be the first to hold 2!  Here is Tanner & Hannah
Big sister Jenna was also very careful around the babies and loved visiting them!
Getting bigger & stronger...
First time holding all four in my arms!  I was a happy, happy mommy that day.
They gradually went off the CPAP breathing devises, were able to maintain body temperature, and learned how to such, swallow & breathe as they drank milk!  Each day in the NICU the babies seemed to have ups and downs, but they all gradually grew bigger, stronger, and more independent.
Snuggling with the boys

Giving baths to the babies!  That meant some were really close to going home!
September 4, 2012:  Lauren and Tanner officially get discharged from the hospital and get to to HOME!!!
Proud big sister Jenna welcoming 2/4 home
Jenna starts Preschool!  
First day of school:  September 10!
Lookie Lookie!  On September 13, Tyler joined his brother Tanner and sister Lauren!

So sweet, but not complete!
Finally, on September 19 Hannah joins her siblings to go HOME
Our last walk out of the NICU... Praise Jesus.  The staff there was so amazing, but we were more than ready to have our crew home once and "four" all!
Awww!  Now they were complete!
5 kids+ 36 bottles a day+ feeds every 3 hours around the clock+ very slow and difficult eaters = exhausted parents! 
Our 5 amazing and beautiful kids!
First Family photo with all 7

The amazing Dan Johnson took photos of our babies right around their "official" due date of October 5, 2012

And the babies grow and thrive at home!
Therapy Play Time!
My kiddos :-)
Sweet lil' punkins!
More therapy- uh, I mean, play time (Hey, I'm an OT!  What do you expect?!?)
The kids with Papa & Mimi
Grandma feeding 2 at a time: a must over here!
Tanner getting snuggles with daddy
Hannah, Lauren, Tanner & Tyler getting so big!
The kids with grandma & grandpa
Love the cammo, boys!  Some day you can go hunting with daddy!
Smiley Lauren
Smiley Hannah
The girls- what a friendship they will have!
The boys- what adventures they will concoct!
Mommy getting better at feeding all four
These kids are mesmerized by the TV!
Taken yesterday.  Look how far we have come!  (Tanner, L, is again mesmerized by the TV... lol)

Taken today, the last day of 2012.  What a year it has been!

Wishing you a very, very good 2013.

Who knows what kind of exciting adventures await you in this next year?!?

Thank you God, for such an AMAZING 2012 for our family.

New Years hugs to all!

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  1. WHAT a year! It is amazing how similar our stories are. Last New Year's Day, I went in for my final IUI. An amazing journey for all. I am overjoyed to share it with you.