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Thursday, January 17, 2013

6 months!

Hannah, Lauren, Tyler and Tanner 
are 6 months old!!!
Babies in birth order A-D:  Lauren, Tyler, Tanner & Hannah

It's fun to watch the different developments simultaneously in all four of them.  They are four amazing miracles and I love each one so individually and so fiercely.  I can't imagine our life without any of them.  Precious, just precious gifts from God.  These are snapshots of who each person is these days:

Tanner, I think you are the leader of the pack right now.  You seem to be the first to talk, coo, roll over, and you have a very calm demeanor overall.  You were so serious when I was taking these photos, buddy, but you are actually a very happy and smiley boy.  You like to talk a lot.  Ah-goo is one of your favorite expressions.  When you are on your back, you pedal your legs like you are bicycling in a triathlon.  When you are on your tummy, your head is a straight 90 degrees up and you weight bear really good on your arms.  I think you will be crawling in no time.  You like to extend your hips so sitting is not your favorite, you would far prefer to stand but mean therapist mommy makes you sit a lot with her.  Don't worry, you'll thank me some day.  You have rolled over both ways, but seem to have forgotten for the moment that you can do these fancy skills.  You don't think you need to nap, silly boy.  You would much rather talk & play in your crib.  You are a pure joy and I cry tears of gratitude to God when I remember that we almost lost you that first night.  You've come a long way, my Tanner Man... mommy & daddy love you so much.

Hannah, you are such a sweetheart!  And boy, what a personality!  We still call you our "Diva", which is funny because you have been our "Diva" since day 1 in the NICU!  All that means, my dear, is that you don't try to hide how you feel and I love that about you.  When you are happy you smile the gummiest, happiest, most infectious smile.  And when you are upset, mad, or hungry, you cry like the world is going to end.  Oh. my. goodness. you. cry.  Hard.  Thankfully, most of the time you are a very happy little girl.  Gone are the days where you were always fussy in the evening.  Most of the time you really only cry when hungry, bored, tired, or in pain.  We kind of overdose you on prune juice right now because when you get constipated--- oh my.  Hannah, you have improved so much in tummy time skills in the last 2 weeks!  Suddenly the past 2 weeks you have been rolling on your side, and then two days ago you learned how to roll over.  During tummy time you do very well and hold your head up for nice amounts of time or roll yourself over.  On your back, you like holding your hands and like putting your feet up in the air.  You also have taken a liking to a soft lovey, you love grabbing it and putting it (and anything else!) in your mouth.  You talk and coo with fresh, bright eyes and love to socialize with others.  You are so beautiful and we are just so glad you are our baby.  You've come a long way, sweet girl.

Tyler (can I just say I LOVE this picture?!?)
Tyler, my little man!  You are just so sweet.  Still the tiniest, you are a snuggle bug and you make the cutest coos and baby noises.  You are still a good pound or two smaller than your brother & sisters, but you don't let your size fool anyone!  Developmentally you are doing wonderfully.  Your hands are always together and you enjoy bringing your feet in the air.  You like toys and grab at them.  You roll sideways all the time and are just so close to rolling over.  And your laugh--- I love it!  Ever since I put cereal in your bottles you have barely had any scary spit-ups, and your personality shines.  You are a happy boy and mommy & daddy just love you so much.  To think that had we not chosen to do the c-section when we did, your life would have been jeopardized... ooh.  I just can't imagine our family without you, buddy.  You've come a long ways since 1# 14 oz, sweet boy!

Lauren, our sweet, content little girl!  You are the happiest baby out of the crew and few things ruffle your feathers.  When you cry, there is a reason, but mostly you are smiley and happy.  When you smile, your eyes smile too and it's just so sweet.  I love when you talk to us- your purse your lips and quietly say, "ooooh wah!" like we are sharing secrets.  You are the least ambitious in terms of sitting and rolling over, you are just content laying down watching others and talking to us.  You love faces and smile at everyone.  Tummy time is not your favorite but you are the best, best sleeper of the bunch.  You are a very easy-going baby, still our Laid-back Lauren!  Daddy and I are just so in love with you, sweet girl.  You've come a long way since being that tiny, fragile girl that we couldn't hold for the longest time because of your tubes and medical issues!  Look at you now, big girl!  Love you so much.
Jenna (in her "Nutcracker Dress & ballet slippers) hugging on Hannah & Tyler.  Yes,  every night she wears this outfit and dances to Nutcracker music or baby toy music.  She is a bundle of energy, pure joy, and life!  We are SOOOO proud of our beautiful big sister Jenna!

Life sometimes seems redundant, but schedules keep things nice & predictable, which decreases stress and makes the house run more smooth for all.  I for one, think schedules are- the. best. thing. ever!  Don't get me wrong, my times are give or take an hour always.  But, overall, our schedule right now is:

7:30- Jenna wakes us up every morning bright and eager to start the day.  Get her ready, fed, etc.
8:30- wake babies up & bottle feed (yes, I said wake them up... they could sleep even longer!!!)
9:30-10:30- play time, change babies clothes (this takes a while and it's a good opportunity to have some 1:1 time with each baby!), followed by babies nap
12:00- wake babies up & bottle feed
1:00-2:00 play time, then nap for at least an hour
3:00- wake babies up & bottle feed
4-5 play time, then nap for at least an hour
5:30 family dinner
6:00 wake babies up & bottle feed
7-8 play time, then nap
9:00 wake babies up & bottle feed.  Swaddle/sleeper sack them and put down for bed.  All kids sleep a SOLID 11 hours at night.  Good, good, good babies!!!

It has been a whirlwind last year, especially the last 6 months.  But daily we continue to praise Jesus for four healthy babies!!!  We love our fab 5 so much and couldn't imagine our life any other way.  We pray daily that the kids remain healthy, our marriage remains strong, and that God continues to help us faithfully & cheerfully handle the gifts we have been given.  God is good.


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  1. Becky, Your girls are getting so pretty and the boys so handsome! I really think you should consider relocating to Dallas so we can have play dates ;) They have all come so far! I remember when you told me you were delivering and I knew gestationally yours were two weeks behind our. I was so worried for you, but everyone is doing so well! They are so resilient. Such wonderful blessings.
    Your schedule does look familiar. Mine manage to wake on their own in the morning though. I just try to beat them to the punch! LOL!