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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update, Keeping Busy

Thanks again for all your well wishes and prayers.  I did end up have more bleeding (fresh blood) Monday night, so Tuesday I went into the doctor's office for an ultrasound.
The babies are all doing fine, with good heartbeats and they're all moving around.  The doctor said the reason for the blood might be that "Baby A"'s placenta is right on my cervix, and so I might bleed a little because of this.  He said bleeding is more common with multiples, but it was very reassuring to see them looking healthy and safe.  I think this has made me even more tired than normal, but I am redefining "normal" every step of this journey!

Many of you have been wondering what I have been doing with all my time off.  Unfortunately, I get so tired so easily and need to rest often, the 20 things I want to do each day becomes only about 2-4 accomplishments each day-- if that!!

I have been trying to do a lot of prepping and planning for the babies arrival, and trying to get things done before I go on bedrest.  I have been craigslisting a lot... we sold our dining table (seats 4-6) and bought a bigger table for $100 more that seats 6-12.  I am also trying to sell things we don't need and buy things we do need.  Love craigslist!

I have been accumulating a lot of baby items and we already had a bunch from Jenna.  I think we are doing OK, and from talking to other mom's of multiples I have connected with, I am hesitant to get too much until they come and we know health-wise how they are doing, what they might need, etc.  For example, a mom of triplets I met with the other day said her boys had bad reflux and so instead of having them sleep in their cribs (they're 8 months old) they still sleep in Rock & Sleepers.  One of the boys is also still on oxygen, so that presents a lot of everyday challenges that could not have been predicted.  We know our babies will be in the NICU for at least a month after birth, maybe more, so we are also trying to be realistic about possible health issues.  This will not be like a single birth.

Lets see... I have been researching cloth vs disposables.  Still figuring out what will work best for us.  Need to research a van, too.  Haven't gotten there yet!

I also need to set up a care-calendar for help.  I know that when I go on bed-rest, we will start needing regular help with everyday things, and obviously when the babies are home we will need help (unless I suddenly grow another set or 2 of arms!).  Many of you have already graciously offered to help, and when I do set this up, I will add a link to this blog so you can volunteer for what suits you best.  Something to keep in mind, however, is that if you would like to volunteer with the babies, we will be asking people to get a flu shot (if you're deathly scared of shots, there's the nasal mist option!).

I know I am missing more things that are on my "To Do" list, but that's a big part of it.  Trust me, this keeps me very busy as does trying to entertain my beautiful daughter when I have lackluster energy!  Next blog entry I will add a belly picture.  Growing more & more each day!



  1. First of all, you're crazy to be up posting at 5:56am ;) Second, I'm SO happy to hear the babies are all doing well!! I'm so excited to meet your little ones and am also ready and willing to help with anything before/after babies!! I promise if I babysit Jenna again we'll stay away from the sugar treats this time ;)Love and miss you!

  2. OK Lindsay, I just figured it out myself... the time is a different time zone, so the times of my posts are actually 2-3 hours after the time it says! And sugar is fine, love & miss ya too!!

  3. I found an awesome website for people to sign up for meals or whatever else, cleaning/ babysitting that I used when my friend Suz was recovering from her double mastectomy. Check out It was really helpful and u can just post a link for people to sign up. U might want to check it out.

  4. Hey I am more than willing to help with anything before or after the babies too!! My mom can watch the girls if you need me to clean or go shopping for you just let me know and we can always take Jenna!! Love you!!