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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just say NO to Stretch Marks!

13-14 weeks!

I admit it.  I'm lousy at knowing exactly where I am in this pregnancy!  I think I'm in-between 13 & 14 weeks, so we'll call that good.  I'm feeling great and getting really excited about having quads!

A month or so ago, when I was at work, co-workers and I were talking about how big my belly would get, and one mentioned I needed a good stretch-mark cream.  BOOM!  An idea was birthed.  My sister, Cindy, makes the most fabulous homemade soaps, creams, soaks, etc (called Cindy's Suds).  I LOVE her soaps and thick, creamy lotions.  Every night I liberally put her lotion on my hands before bedtime, and in the winter months my hands can get so dry!  It has been awesome for my hands, so I thought... Hey!  What if Cindy customized a belly butter specifically for stretch marks?
When I mentioned it to Cindy, she loved the idea and started immediately researching all the lovely creamy good stuff that makes an amazing belly butter/anti-stretch cream.  Considering my belly will stretch more than your average pregnancy, it's a good belly to try it out on!
So Cin made 2 prototypes for me:  "Lavender Lullaby" and "Chocolate Craving" (don't you love those names?  They smell as good as they sound!).  They are thick and rich and wonderful so far!  We are still "researching" this, so she hasn't made others yet, but I am so excited to be the first to try it!  I bet my belly this will definitely help reduce or minimize any stretch marks.  Genetics are in my favor... I thankfully didn't have any stretch marks from Jenna, but this is a whole new ball of wax.  Will keep you posted!  Have a good Spring Break!


  1. Looking forward to the lavender lullaby!!!

  2. How fun can't wait to see how this works!!

  3. Those sound wonderful! I slather my Palmer's on every morning after my shower, and hope for the best. But, I'm sure there will be at least a few stretch marks after quads!