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Monday, March 12, 2012

12 weeks

Welcome, Second Trimester!

I may not look that big, but let me assure you... I seem to grow another inch or two each day!!

Thank you all, for your kind words and prayers!  I know many of you have been offering to help, and thank you so much!  I am writing most of those names down (or the ones I remember!!) on a list but I also wanted you to know that as I progress, my sister and I plan on setting up a care calendar and I will have a link to that on this blog, so if you would still like to help you can just sign up for whatever sounds good.  Some of you have also wondered what baby items we still need, and I am in the process of figuring out what all we have/will still need.  I will keep you posted.  Thank you in advance for everything!  We are going to truly live the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"!!

As I slide into second trimester, I am thankfully feeling much less tired and less turned off by food.  I had a great pregnancy with Jenna, and this one seems to be following suit-- no morning sickness (the only sickness I get is when I don't!!) and I never threw up.  Praise Jesus!

However, some things are remarkably different!  Although I am less tired, I have NO endurance. Grocery shopping at Meijer the other day to get a few items took me 2 hours and I needed to stop and sit and rest twice due to shortness of breath and a racing heart!  I just need to rest a lot, and pace myself.  I can do things like dust and light cleaning, but I need to intersperse it with sitting or laying down.  My body must be working VERY HARD growing four babies!!!
I also find it so crazy that at night, when laying in bed, or when I rest, my heart beats SO intensely!  My doctor, P.A. sister, and also my friend Stacy, who's a nurse, tell me it's very normal and is because my blood volume has doubled and is working hard at pumping blood to all those placentas.  Isn't the human body just amazing?  I feel kind of like a science experiment!!

I have another doctor's appointment/ultrasound next week so I will definitely post what we find out.  We are getting more and more excited each day, and although thinking of everything we still need to do and plan can be overwhelming, we are trying to take it day by day and not forget to praise God daily for this opportunity!  We really appreciate your support...

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