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Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Masterpieces

Ever since I was a child, there is just something I LOVE about picking out, creating, and carving a pumpkin masterpiece for Halloween.  When Jenna was the kids' age, I remember teaching her the magic of pumpkin carving:

My sweet Jenna at age 2!  My does time fly.  
Who do you think looks the most like her?

Fast-forward four years & four more kids later: Sometimes I can be a little ambitious, but there was NO WAY I was going to do pumpkin carving with four toddlers.  Instead, I decided to get out the paints and enjoy decorating our pumpkins we got at the local Farmstand last week.

Tanner dabs paint onto his pumpkin but truth be told, art is not his thing.
Tyler created a beautiful masterpiece and didn't want to stop!
Hannah was very methodical and took this activity very seriously.
Jenna was so sweet & encouraging to all the kids!
Ta-Da!  Four one-of-a-kind pumpkins!
 Jenna was a big help as always, and then later on she got the chance to carve her own pumpkin.  For the first time ever, Jenna drew & carved her face BY HERSELF!!!!!  She had a blast and was so proud of herself.  Of course, she used those safety pumpkin carving knives, and the kids and I helped scrape and deal with the guts.

Ta-Da!  Good pumpkin, Jenna :)  Afterwards, she decided it needed a little paint, too.

My friend and fellow quad-mom Amber actually just posted a blog yesterday about her crew decorating their pumpkins, and she also had them do stickers.  This morning, inspired by that post, I thought what the heck- so we grabbed the dried & colorful pumpkins off the porch and decided to add just a tad more decorations to them:  the kids had a BLAST!

Tyler is showing me the glue on his finger- he is saying, "Icky."

Ta-Da!  Five completely decorated pumpkin masterpieces.

What types of things do you enjoy this time of year?



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